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@@ -67,9 +67,6 @@ This page only hosts the source code for ClickToFlash. To download ClickToFlash
* [FIX] Quote pathnames in installation script. ([Cédric Luthi](
* **1.4fc6** [download](
- * **If you've been using any of the 1.4fcX releases, please issue the following Terminal command. After doing so, again attempt reinstallation of ClickToFlash: `sudo pkgutil --forget com.github.rentzsch.clicktoflash.pkg`**
- Please note, if you receive this error: `No receipt for 'com.github.rentzsch.clicktoflash.pkg' found at '/'.`, you do not need to worry. If you see this error, then the next time you install ClickToFlash, it should work correctly.
* [NEW] Option to disable ClickToFlash globally. [bug 94]( ([Patrick McCarron](
* [NEW] Contextual menu item to download H.264 file from YouTube. ([Simone Manganelli](

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