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Open Questions

(Answers highly appreciated, e-mail them ssp-web@earthlingsoft.net so they aren’t overlooked)

  • Why does WebKit download the video file after our checks to YouTube concerning their existence?
  • a tooltip for the shrink to webpage button can appear in the old location of the go to full screen button after the movie view has zoomed to full screen. Seems like a bug, and I don’t see a workaround to prevent it from happening. See fe1caf82ba39befdada91b5f4754c7ae5eecbb3d for a screenshot.
  • See RESIZING below: how to I resize our NSView in the plug-in?
  • Do we have any data on performance on G4 machines? Could Flash actually be preferable to H.264 there? On a > 1GHz Powerbook H.264 YouTube seems pretty horrible.
  • I considered stealing the full screen playback behaviour from WebKit. Tinkered with their code but always ended up stalling Safari. Probably because I have no clue about WebKit, if you know that code, let me know.
  • How can I e-mail replies to Lighthouse discussions? Using the links in the e-mails creates a bounce for me.

Todo, Bugs & Ideas

  • RESIZING: after creating our QTMovieView make sure we resize our DOM element to match the QTMovieView’s exact aspect ratio. (This avoids ugly letterboxing and our buttons being half on the film and half on the background of the webpage). One can resize our view easily but it’s returned to its original size by the surrounding page after some clicking. I also wouldn’t want to explictly set a px width/height for our DOMElement as that would break flexible layouts using something like 100%.
  • Add contributor names to ABOUT BOX (it’s good for my ego, and other people like Ronald [fr localisation] or Henrik [design advice] also contributed without being acknowledged at the moment)
  • subtitles/closed captions may be an interesting idea. With our own QTMovieView doing the playback we may be able to grab the data, create a QuickTime text track from it and add it to the movie. http://rentzsch.lighthouseapp.com/projects/24342/tickets/431-closed-captioning-problem#ticket-431-6 — A bit pie in the sky, possibly


  • fix various threading issues
  • copy embed tag command for videos
  • autoplay for Vimeo
  • Prettier GLOSS overlay for Movies (contacted Henrik, much better already, more ideas coming, any comments?): f59714e3e130ed308f6a2932c4bb0eee42ba37dd , d8fc7af9de218907b387ec412dfa8752cfc79217
  • What’s the point of that flickr variable and the 10% difference? I dumped it in my branch and it didn’t hurt.
  • can I put our view in the Accessibility loop of the page? If so, how? What’s our parent element?
  • Figure out what to do about X.4 COMPATIBILITY (the QTMovie stuff won’t work there properly). (ssp: I don’t run X.4, so I’m not interested. I also think that if we want to keep X.4, there needs to be a tester for it.): Hopefully solved as of 8d2a991799e6c5fbba0106d11442bb493985befe khiscott and mbaltaks have the ability to do X.4 testing according to simX.
  • The QuickTime Controller could disappear when switching tabs. Seems to be a layer thing: 894ff9631e23ca3600d3c94d4add49643488e04d
  • Ignore clicks while Safari is in the background. [Apart from not liking click in background behaviour, CtF’s area tends to be large, hence easy to click accidentally, the buttons should probably be disabled, too (does this really require subclassing?)]: 17001ac9a8176c5f6354e6e445da95682459807e
  • Add menu item to toggle CtF on and off to the menu bar menu: af8de8e9dec59587b955d324f34cbb990ce8f94b
  • Don’t show Load in QuickTime menu command when QuickTime is in use already: a3b426f281ec3439d943e1787436e7cd27cfdc42
  • Fix wrong unbinding, improve the way we tell killers about plugin destruction: e8a2accf4dce130b8fd71d79e0268f0c15b5f8b3
  • LOCALISATION for QTMovie stuff: feef0f5d27cb2fe1aa31389aaaba80f6be5ef801
  • Improved handling of Embedded YouTube: It didn’t find H264 on many pages recently (eg http://www.scienceblogs.de/mathlog/2009/10/mathematik-zum-anfassen-auf-youtube.php http://www.fakesteve.net/2009/10/mosspuppet-claims-hes-sabotaged.html
    http://www.fscklog.com/2009/10/drei-neue-get-a-mac-ads-zum-start-von-windows-7-videos.html ): 2190a77c48c91ccbe60afe16d52b239850b70987
  • DOWNLOAD BUTTON: 62542cc5b044135539e9645e71d7b4f97c75fa51
  • Leave full screen mode by pressing ESCAPE (figure out why that doesn’t work): f555015136d94dd83e84adc83f3968aa99047890
  • investigate & fix what happens when the HD button is clicked several times
  • HD Button
  • Use QTMovieView to play films (getting this to work requires core animation)
  • Prepare for having more buttons (e.g. fullscreen)
  • Add action menu as a proper button

Not happening

  • consider FADING out buttons (I don’t think actually I want this, I hate it in QT Player X)
  • Dragging an URL from the d/l button would be nice, but it didn’t work for me (an NSButton seems to suppress mouseDragged: so one would need to do the whole mouse handling manually.