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delimport is a bookmark importer for old-school delicious and all pinboard accounts. It downloads your stored bookmarks to your Mac’s hard drive and adds them to the Spotlight index.

Originally developed by Ian Henderson, with most changes since version 0.3 by Sven-S. Porst.



v0.7b1 (58), 2013-01-13 download
  • Save webarchives for the bookmarked URLs.
  • X.7 64bit and above only.
  • ARC
  • sandboxed
  • Remove Keychain.framework, use SSKeychain instead
  • Fetch bookmarks in batches of 1000 (new delicious does not send more in one go)
  • Proper icon for pinboard courtesy of Nicolas Baumüller
  • New dialogue setup for signup, add option for downloading bookmark contents
v0.6, 2011/2012 download
  • Officially be X.5 only and garbage collected.
  • Implement queue for webarchive downloading.
  • Hold option key at launch to see settings window.
  • Add timeout for downloads to cancel them.
  • Fix crashes during web archive downloads (thanks Mike!).
  • Store Bookmarks and errors in Application Support folder.
v0.5, 2011-04 (download)
  • Use Pinboard URLs.
v0.4, 2009-09
  • Add 64bit binaries (comes with a current version of the Keychain framework to make that work).
  • Support Sudden Termination on X.6.
  • Add German localisation.
  • Add French localisation (thanks to Ronald Leroux).
  • Change bookmark format to actually conform to that of Safari’s bookmarks as claimed by our UTI.
  • Check whether all bookmarks are present on launch and re-create them if necessary.
  • Add ability to not show 'Add to Login Items' dialogue again on X.5 and above.
v0.3, released 5th December 2007
No more installer, supports Leopard, runs on x86, makes waffles – thanks Sven! - Download (381 KB)
v0.2, released 14th August 2006
Supports new API – please upgrade if you are still running version 0.1.2 - Download (454 KB)