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This repository collects the resources and subrepositories used at SUB Göttingen to run a pazpar2 service and and use it in web sites.

2012-2013 Sven-S. Porst, SUB Göttingen


  • settings-SUB – pazpar2 settings used or tested at SUB Göttingen. In addition to the configuration files, this repository includes as submodules:
  • typo3-pazpar2 – A TYPO3 extension to include pazpar2 as a content element in a TYPO3 site. The extension is named »pazpar2« and is also available from TER for comfortable installation via TYPO3’s extension manager.
    • The JavaScript display code is provided by pazpar2-js-client which is included as a submodule.
  • pazpar2Index Data’s pazpar2 with small patches.
  • pazpar2-etc – updated versions of files in pazpar/etc (having those in a separate repository lets us use Index Data’s »pure« pazpar2 repository without having to worry about merging issues).
  • pazpar2-access – a simple PHP script to moderate access to pazpar2’s init and settings commands: used to control access based on the user’s IP address based on a service by GBV.
  • opac-2-atom – submodule with a simple script to convert Pica Opac XML output to an Atom feed. Used for feed subscriptions created by the pazpar2-neuerwerbungen TYPO3 Plug-In. Probably not interesting for external users.
  • pazpar2-js-client – JavaScript client to communicate with pazpar2 and display the results. This includes:
    • the flot graphing libary,
    • scripts and XSL to convert from pazpar2’s internal metadata format to RIS and BibTeX.
    • Media icons are provided by sub-iconfont which is included as a submodule.
  • sub-iconfont – icon font for media types.

Example Sites

This setup and code is used in various SUB Göttingen web sites: