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pazpar2 configuration files

This repository contains configuration files for Index Data’s pazpar2 bibliographic metasearch software.

The files were created for the subject search services at SUB Göttingen and the vifanord site at CAU Kiel.

The configuration has been tested with pazpar2 1.8.6 and yaz 5.10.2.


  • CAU.xml: server configuration for vifanord
  • SUB.xml: server configuration for SUB Göttingen
  • test.xml: test server configuration
  • services/: folder with service configuration files:
    • CAU/: folder with service configurations used by the vifanord server
    • SUB/: folder with service configurations used by SUB Göttingen’s server
    • test/: folder with test services
    • metadata/: folder with metadata configurations, included by the services to avoid redundancy; default.xml pre-configures the typical fields we expect for use with tmarc.xsl and with the JavaScript client.
  • settings/: folder with settings used by the services:
    • file names try to be mildly descriptive, with library union names or country codes
    • secrets/: submodule with access credentials not commited in this repository
    • testing/: folder with experimental, deprecated or unused settings
  • xsl/: folder with transformation XSLTs to normalise the loaded data with subfolders:
    • convert/: conversion to pz:metadata tags
      • MARC: symlinks to extended version of tmarc.xsl with a few additional fields; MarcXML2TurboMARC.xsl can provide conversion from MARCXML
      • UNIMARC: tunimarc.xsl covers by far more fields and details than pazpar2’s unimarc.xsl; MarcXML2TurboMARC.xsl can provide conversion from UNIMARCXML
      • MAB: tmab.xsl tries to import MAB data in TurboMARC Syntax, tmarc-to-tmab.xsl can help fixing parsing problems
      • Solr: solr.xsl symlinks to an improved version of pazpar2’s solr-pz2.xsl
      • Plain XML: fields.xsl expects a flat XML file and maps tag names to pz:metadata/@types
    • target/: target specific transformations; file names begin like those of the settings files using them; file names ending in -pre indicate they operate on raw data from the server, file names ending in -post work on the pz:metadata model
    • pz/: generic transformations on the pz:metadata model
    • tmarc/: generic transformations for TurboMARC
    • template/: XSL containing templates to be reused from other XSL
    • unused/: not currently in use by active services
    • testdata/: XML files with records from some targets; helpful for trying out transformations manually
    • info/: information on some aspects of the data encountered
    • doc/: XSL referenced by the configuration files to display them as HTML
  • git submodules:
    • pazpar2 by Index Data
    • yaz: library used by pazpar2
    • pazpar2-etc/: customised files (e.g. tmarc.xsl) from the pazpar2/etc folder. These are kept in a separate repository to enable using a cleanly checked out version of the software.
    • pazpar2-access: small script that can (de-)activate databases based on the user’s IP address
    • settings/secrets: access credentials, not published
  • The folder conf/ contains configuration files to help installing the pazpar2 service on a server:
    • pazpar2.init: init script for SUSE Linux
    • pazpar2.logrotate: logrotate configuration file
    • pazpar2-apache.logrotate: logrotate configuration for the apache virtual host proxying pazpar2
    • pazpar2-vhost.conf: apache virtual host configuration
    • pazpar2.nagios: nagios configuration for checking a pazpar2 server


In case you have questions or need help creating a pazpar2 service, please get in touch with Sven-S. Porst.

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