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Modifications of Index Data’s etc files for pazpar2

This repository contains modified copies of Index Data’s configuration files for pazpar2 from the »etc« folder in the pazpar2 project.



Index Data’s great tmarc.xsl maps from MARC 21 fields to the fields of pazpar2’s internal data model. A few refinements to the stylesheet are commited here. Notably:

  • extraction of language codes from MARC 008 and 041
  • DOI recognition, map MARC 024 with $2=doi and 856 to doi
  • map names in MARC 700 with $4=aut to the author field and all other 700 fields to the new other-person field
  • new field series-title with data from MARC 490 and better handling of multivolume works
  • put auxiliary information about URLs into their metadata tags attributes rather than into separate metadata tags
  • map more MARC 5XX fields to description
  • map MARC 520 with ind1=3 to abstract field
  • classification information:
    • map MARC 082 to the classification-ddc field
    • map MARC 084 to the classification-XXX field where XXXis the classification name given in $2
  • media types:
    • improved microform recognition
    • change thesis media type to manuscript
    • add multivolume media type for the record belonging to a multivolume work rather than single volumes
    • add multiple media type for mixed media

included in pazpar2 master branch now

  • refined analysis of MARC 773 with journal information for articles


Rewrite of Index Data’s solr-pz2.xsl for converting Solr Documents to records of pz:metadata elements.

  • more generic structure
  • handles more field types
  • does not introduce a »medium« field

Addition of -P parameter to query pazpar2 at a specific path on the server.


For corrections, questions or suggestions please get in touch with Sven-S. Porst, or fork the repository and push your changes.