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Stan syntax highlighting for vim
Vim script
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Stan syntax highlighting for vim

To set this up for vim,

  1. create .vim directory in home directory(~), and within that diretory, create three other directories: colors, ftdetect, and syntax.
  2. Add the files provided herein.

The Stan names of functions, distributions and such identified in the syntax file for vim were pulled from RStan version 2.16.2 using rstan::lookup() in R as follows:

d <- c(rstan::lookup("_lpmf$")$StanFunction, sub("_lpmf", "", rstan::lookup("_lpmf$")$StanFunction),
          rstan::lookup("_lpdf$")$StanFunction, sub("_lpdf", "", rstan::lookup("_lpdf$")$StanFunction),
          rstan::lookup("_lcdf$")$StanFunction, sub("_lcdf", "", rstan::lookup("_lcdf$")$StanFunction),
          rstan::lookup("_lccdf$")$StanFunction, sub("_lccdf", "", rstan::lookup("_lccdf$")$StanFunction),
          rstan::lookup("_cdf$")$StanFunction, sub("_cdf", "", rstan::lookup("_cdf$")$StanFunction),
          rstan::lookup("_rng$")$StanFunction, sub("_rng", "", rstan::lookup("_rng$")$StanFunction))

d <- unique(d)

f <- rstan::lookup("[:alnum:]*")$StanFunction

f <- unique(f)

f <- f[-grep("operator", f)]

f <- f[!(f %in% d)]

The other keywords were gathered from the Stan Manual.

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