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My nvim, zsh, kitty, obsidian, tmux, and other config files and utility scripts.

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Welcome to my dotfiles, the backbone of my development and personal knowledge management (PKM) workflows. Each dotfile here are fine-tuned to create an environment that's efficient for me, and, most importantly, give me joy workin in.

Most imprantant for my workflow I leverage a combination of nvim, tmux, and a tiling window manager orchestrated with skhd and yabai.

Neovim, Tmux, and Kitty

Key Components

I made two of my own Themes, they are called Kanagawa and Rosé Pine. Also check my YT video how I use Obsidian, in case that's interest you.

Screen alignment

I have tried many setups, a single-screen (or one extra for meetings) has worked best with these shorcuts to switch betweent them instantly:

  • Alt+1: Terminal for coding
  • Alt+2: Obsidian for notes, thinking, writing, and my Second Brain
  • Alt+3: Browser for research and browsing needs
  • Alt+4: Music, featuring Spotify and Focus@Will for all things auditory
  • Alt+5: Collaboration tools like Slack, Asana, Nirvana, and my to-do lists
  • Alt+6: Extra (when laptop screen is open): Additional screens for meetings with Zoom, etc.
  • Alt+7: Extra (when laptop screen is open)

Dive into My Dotfiles

Above you'll find all my dotfiles repository. Each file and directory is it's own software.

Enjoy navigating my digital workspace, tailored for efficiency, learning, and a bit of fun.


My nvim, zsh, kitty, obsidian, tmux, and other config files and utility scripts.