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This project is not supported anymore. If you want to make changes, please fork and maintain your own fork.

Slack - Zenoss Integration WebHook Script

A Slack notification using an incoming webhook to show events from Zenoss.

To use:

  • Install the ZenPack using zenpack--install=PATH_TO_EGG
  • In Slack, create a new Incoming WebHook
  • Set the channel to post to, i.e. #alerts
  • Set the name of the bot, i.e. Zenoss-bot
  • Set a custom icon, i.e. search for one you like and upload it.
  • Copy the WebHook URL
  • In Zenoss, click Events then Triggers, and then Notifications
  • Create a new Notification by clicking the +, give it a name like "PushToSlack" and choose "Slack" from the Action pulldown
  • click Submit to save
  • Open the new notification and click content.
  • Paste the webhook Url in to the slackUrl field
  • click Submit to save

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