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SST makes it easy to build modern full-stack applications on AWS. Watch the SST in 100 seconds video to learn more.

$ npx create-sst@latest

Pick your frontend

Deploy Next.js, Svelte, Remix, Astro, Solid, or any static site to AWS.

Add any feature

SST gives you the full power of AWS. Making it easy to add any feature to your product.

  • File uploads — Allow your users to upload files to S3.
  • Auth — Authenticate your users through any auth provider.
  • Events — Run tasks after your app has returned to your user.
  • Databases — Use a serverless SQL or NoSQL database to power your app.
  • Jobs — Run cron jobs or long running jobs powered by serverless functions.
  • APIs — Add a dedicated serverless REST, GraphQL, or WebSocket API to your app.

Collaborate with your team

Finally, you can git push to deploy using SEED, a service built by the team behind SST. And you can work on your apps together with your team with automatic preview environments.

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