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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'securerandom'
module NumericSyllable
def consonents
%w[ b d g h j k m n p r s t z ]
def inverse
def syllables
def vowels
%w[ a e i o u ]
def break_up_num(num)
modulus = num % syllables.count
remainder = num / syllables.count
(num == 0) ? "" : "#{syllables[modulus]}#{break_up_num(remainder)}"
def from_int(num)
raise ArgumentError unless num.kind_of?(Integer)
prefix = (num < 0) ? inverse : ""
def to_int(str)
def string_to_int(str)
return 0 if str.length == 0
return (-1 * string_to_int(str[2..-1])) if str.match(/^#{inverse}/)
return syl_to_num(str[0...2]) + (syllables.count * string_to_int(str[2..-1]))
def syl_to_num(str)
raise ArgumentError unless str.empty? || syllables.include?(str)
str.empty? ? 0 : syllables.index(str)
module_function :consonents, :inverse, :syllables, :vowels, :break_up_num,
:from_int, :to_int, :string_to_int, :syl_to_num
module Descriptor
def get
def list
@list ||= %w{
abandoned able abolished abrupt absolute aching aged ancient anxious
apetalous askew auspicious balanced bare bashful bawdy bewildered
billowing biting bitter blazing blocked bloody bold bound brash brave
breathless briefest bright bristling bubbling burning burnished cackling
calibrated calming carnal cerulean changing chaotic charred chilling
civilized clean cleftal clever clinging closed coarse collapsed
comforting complacent condescending congealing cool cosmic corndusted
corrosive coruscant courteous coy cracked crescent crimson crushed
crystal curious daft dainty dangerous deep desperate delicate demonic
diligent dim distant divine dreadful dripping drunken dull dusty dying
echoing effortless effulgent elaborate elemental eloquent elusive
embarrassed emergent empty endless energized engraved enlightened envied
etched even exasperated exciting exiled explored faceted faint familiar
fancy faraway fast fathomless fearsome feathered feigned fierce finished
fizzing flagrant flickering floating flooded fond foolish foreign
forgotten frail frantic frayed free friendly frightened frosty fulsome
furious furrowed gasping gathered gentle giggling gilded gleaming glib
glistening gloating glorious glowing graceful grating graven greedy
grubby guarded guilty halfseen healthy heaving heavy hidden hollow
hopeful horrid howling humming hurried hushed icy idle immortal impious
important improper indecent infernal innocent intent intoxicating
intractable inviolate invisible irritated isolated ivory jagged jittery
jostled joyful just keening kindled kindly kinked knowing lacking laden
lank laughing lavender leathery level light lithe lively loathe lonely
looming lost loved lovely lurching luxurious mad managed marvelous
massive mauled meddling melting mended metal mewling mighty mirrored
missing misty moaning modest moonswept mortal motherly moving muffled
murmuring mysterious nameless narrow natural neat nefarious nervous
nestled newfound nonchalant normal numb obscured obvious odd offended
ominous oily oozing ordinary ornate overgrown padded painted pale
panicked passionate patient penultimate perfect perfumed poisoned poor
polished plain planned playful pleasant pleased polished precious precise
preserved prickly prideful private prized profane proper proud pure
puzzling quick quiet quivering quotidian radiant ragged rakish rare
rarified reasonable recovered reflected refused relaxed reluctant
replaced resting rediculous restless ringing rippled rising roasted
roiling rough rude ruined safe sanguine satisfied scarce scarred
scattered scintillant scraped screaming sealed seasoned secret seemly
seething selfish sensible shallow sharp shattered shimmering shining
shivering shuffling shy silent simple singing sinister skewed slanting
sleeping slick slow small smoky smooth smudged snarling soaked soft
solitary sooty sound sparkling spattered spiraling spiteful splintered
sprawling squeeking squirming staggering startled stately steaming steep
stiff still stirring stolid stormy strange striking strong stubborn
sublime sufficient suitable sullen sure supicious sweet swollen tangled
tarnished tattered tawdry tempered tender tenebrific terrible thieving
threatening tinkling tiny tired toasted toppled tumescent tremulant
triumphant troublesome truculent trusted tyrannical unassuming unbroken
uncertain uncommon underground unholy unexpected unique unkind unknown
unseen unthinkable unwashed upsetting urgent vain vile vicious volatile
wanton wary wasteful whispering weathered wicked wild wintry wise
withered wondrous young
module_function :get, :list
module Target
def get
def list
@list ||= %w{
abyss accord ancients ambrosia annulet apocalypse battle bedrock bordello
bottle breeze brooch brook bush cloud clover corruption cavern chasm
cloud cobweb creek cult debris dew doom dream dust eddy edge ember emblem
experiment faerie field figurine fire firefly fireplace fissure flower
fog forest fountain frog frost funeral gift glade grass heart herbs hill
home horizon imprecation jar karma knight lake laurel leaf marble meadow
moon mountain moss necropolis oubliette overwatch paper passage peak
picture pine poet pond poignard quest rain remnant resonance river road
sacrifice scent sea seed shadow shaft shelter shield silence spirit sky
smoke snow soldier sorrow sound star staircase sun surf surface tempest
thought threshold thunder torment tower treasure tree triptych trove
tunnel vacuum valediction vengeance voice water waterfall wave wind wood
world zombie
module_function :get, :list
module TimeName
def get
def list
@list ||= %w{
afterlight afternoon autumn dawn dusk evening eventide gloaming midday
midnight morning night noon spring summer sunrise sunset twilight winter
module_function :get, :list
def generate_name
chunks = [Descriptor.get, TimeName.get, Target.get]
#chunks << NumericSyllable.from_int(name_index(*chunks))
# Build the final name
def name_index(desc, time, target)
Descriptor.list.index(desc) +
(Descriptor.list.count * TimeName.list.index(time)) +
(Descriptor.list.count * TimeName.list.count * Target.list.index(target))
def index_name(abs_index)
target_index = (abs_index / (Descriptor.list.count * TimeName.list.count))
abs_index -= target_index * (Descriptor.list.count * TimeName.list.count)
time_name_index = (abs_index / Descriptor.list.count)
abs_index -= time_name_index * Descriptor.list.count
descriptor_index = abs_index
[Descriptor.list[descriptor_index], TimeName.list[time_name_index], Target.list[target_index]]
def validate_name(name)
# Split apart the built name into it's components
desc, time, target, checksum = name.split('-')
return false if checksum.nil?
# Retrieve the numeric checksum and convert it back into a number
chk = NumericSyllable.to_int(checksum)
desc2, time2, target2 = index_name(chk)
(desc == desc2 && time == time2 && target == target2)
possible_outcomes = Descriptor.list.size * TimeName.list.size * Target.list.size
repetition_chance = Rational(1, possible_outcomes)
puts "Repetition chance: #{repetition_chance}\n"
puts "Bits represented: #{Math.log(possible_outcomes, 2)}\n\n"
count = ARGV.empty? ? 3 : ARGV.first.to_i
count.times do
#printf "%-40s ", name = generate_name
#puts "Checksum valid? #{(validate_name(name)) ? 'Yes' : 'No'}"
puts generate_name