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Compile Error when upgrading to 1.3.1 #82

davedkg opened this Issue April 27, 2012 · 13 comments
David Guilfoyle

ActionView::Template::Error (no such file to load -- ["ok","(function() {\n\n $.Isotope.prototype._getCenteredMasonryColumns = function() {\n var colW, cols, parentWidth;\n this.width = this.element.width();\n parentWidth = this.element.parent().width();\n colW = this.options.masonry && this.options.masonry.columnWidth || this.$filteredAtoms.outerWidth(true) || parentWidth;\n cols = Math.floor(parentWidth / colW);\n cols = Math.max(cols, 1);\n this.masonry.cols = cols;\n return this.masonry.columnWidth = colW;\n };\n\n $.Isotope.prototype._masonryReset = function() {\n var i, _results;\n this.masonry = {};\n this._getCenteredMasonryColumns();\n i = this.masonry.cols;\n this.masonry.colYs = [];\n _results = [];\n while (i--) {\n _results.push(this.masonry.colYs.push(0));\n }\n return _results;\n };\n\n $.Isotope.prototype._masonryResizeChanged = function() {\n var prevColCount;\n prevColCount = this.masonry.cols;\n this._getCenteredMasonryColumns();\n return this.masonry.cols !== prevColCount;\n };\n\n $.Isotope.prototype._masonryGetContainerSize = function() {\n var i, unusedCols;\n unusedCols = 0;\n i = this.masonry.cols;\n while (--i) {\n if (this.masonry.colYs[i] !== 0) {\n break;\n }\n unusedCols++;\n }\n return {\n height: Math.max.apply(Math, this.masonry.colYs),\n width: (this.masonry.cols - unusedCols) * this.masonry.columnWidth\n };\n };\n\n}).call(this);\n"]

(in /Users/david/dev/ab/rails/dash/vendor/assets/javascripts/
11: = render 'layouts/footer'
13: // javascript
14: = javascript_include_tag :application
15: = yield :on_demand_script
17: // javascript widgets
app/views/layouts/application.html.haml:14:in `_app_views_layouts_application_html_haml___2587078288227510863_70214171044500'



ActionView::Template::Error (cannot load such file -- ["ok","(function() {\n\n $(document).read

Downgraded to 1.3.0 and everything back to normal.

Mario Aquino


I am having the same problem. Downgrading to 1.3.0 solved it for me.

Magnus von Koeller

I'm having the same issue and downgrading to 1.3.0 solved the problem.

Ben Kreeger

Blerg. I'm throwing in my +1 as well. Rolling back to v1.3.0 solved it for me.

no such file to load -- ["ok","(function() {\n\n\n\n}).call(this);\n"]

For what it's worth, backtrace from tilt on up (top being top of call stack).

activesupport (3.1.3) lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:234:in `load'
activesupport (3.1.3) lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:234:in `block in load'
activesupport (3.1.3) lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:223:in `block in load_dependency'
activesupport (3.1.3) lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:640:in `new_constants_in'
activesupport (3.1.3) lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:223:in `load_dependency'
activesupport (3.1.3) lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:234:in `load'
execjs (1.3.1) lib/execjs/external_runtime.rb:90:in `json_decode'
execjs (1.3.1) lib/execjs/external_runtime.rb:62:in `extract_result'
execjs (1.3.1) lib/execjs/external_runtime.rb:28:in `block in exec'
execjs (1.3.1) lib/execjs/external_runtime.rb:41:in `compile_to_tempfile'
execjs (1.3.1) lib/execjs/external_runtime.rb:27:in `exec'
execjs (1.3.1) lib/execjs/external_runtime.rb:19:in `eval'
execjs (1.3.1) lib/execjs/external_runtime.rb:33:in `call'
coffee-script (2.2.0) lib/coffee_script.rb:57:in `compile'
tilt (1.3.3) lib/tilt/coffee.rb:46:in `evaluate'
tilt (1.3.3) lib/tilt/template.rb:76:in `render'
Ryan Montgomery


I am having the same problem. Downgrading to 1.3.0 solved it for me.

Nathan Manousos


Hi Ryan :)



Fabio Kreusch
fabiokr commented May 01, 2012


Jason Seifer
jseifer commented May 03, 2012




Justin Mazzi
jmazzi commented May 03, 2012

This error only occurs if you lock an older version (< 1.3.0) of multi_json. Updating multi_json also makes this error go away.

Jeremy Ruppel

@jmazzi's suggestion worked for me.

Nathan Manousos
trafnar commented May 03, 2012

me too, thanks!

Joshua Peek josh closed this issue from a commit May 07, 2012
Simone Carletti Fix invalid MultiJson API detection (closes #82)
`#load` is defined in Kernel and inherited in every object, thus Object.respond_to?(:load) will always return true.

MultiJson switched to load/dump from decode/encode. Thus it's safe to use a single check for both encoding and decoding methods.
Joshua Peek josh closed this in 5b87c9b May 07, 2012
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