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See the Modules page.

Projects / Applications

  • node_chat by ry (live demo at
  • nodelint.js by tav — run jslint from the command line
  • nodeload by benschmaus and jonjlee — utility for benchmarking HTTP APIs
  • nodewiki — a simple wiki based on node and redis
  • blog.js — Simple blogging engine based on node.js
  • cassiterite — Another blogging engine based on node.js + Tokyo Tyrant + nginx
  • Sousaball by creationix (
  • DinMaker by creationix (live demo at
  • Flickr Spy — Discover where your Flickr contacts are commenting
  • azathoth — simple HTTP traffic/load generator and benchmark proof of concept
  • antinode — Simple static file HTTP Server with logging
  • NodeMachine — Port of WebMachine for Node.js
  • LifeInText — LiT is a mashup platform for personal projects and snippets.
  • Ajax IM — Ajax IM is an instant messaging server and framework for the browser.
  • 7 Minutes Chrono – A speed-dating chat application. Uses websockets and node.js
  • PersevereREST/HTTP + JSON-based web data project that includes Pintura, Perstore, CommonJS-Utils
  • — Javascript Networking Library for building real-time web applications
  • BusBound – iPhone web application built with express framework
  • JSONPify – a JSONP proxy for client applications
  • Djangode – Django’s regex-based URL handling, utility functions, and html templating for node
  • The WPilot Project – A multiplayer, space shooter, action game in your browser. Server is built in node
  • Socket.IO – An abstraction over all the realtime transports (WebSocket, long polling, XHR multipart, etc) for the Node HTTP server
  • zztmmo – a zzt based massive multiplayer online game built in node.js and jQuery (currently only single player)
  • diretto – Distributed Recon/Reporting Transceiver Toolkit – Uses Node.js for web-based media storage and for its RESTful webservice implementation
  • ElusiveHippo – Push deployment for nodejs (non-functional / doesn’t work)
  • Chess Riot – a live Lightning Chess app built in node.js, express, CoffeeScript and jQuery. By @weepy
  • Realie – Real-time Collaborative Editor using Web Sockets, Node.js & Redis (non-functional / doesn’t work)
  • GrowlHub – Growl Notifications for GitHub
  • Simple Node.js MUD – Simple multi-user dungeon using Node.js
  • wtfjs – what the fuck javascript!
  • – A simple URL shortener written in Node.js and SQLIte3 (moving to CouchDB in future version 2)
  • vertex.js – A graph database inspired by filesystems built on node.js and tokyocabinet.
  • The API Playground – A website where journalists can play with API examples. (CoffeeScript/Express)
  • SzpilCRM using Node and TokyoCabinet. Shared client/server database and model code, user interface decoupled from the network, API retrieval and authorization performed at the meta-data layer using set union and intersection on indexes to avoid JSON deserialization/serialization overhead.
  • vows.js – “Asynchronous behaviour driven development for Node.”
  • jimi — A framework for writing modular web applications in node.js (tutorial)
  • stackvm — Virtual machines on the web!
  • paperserve — Quick and dirty web server from your working directory
  • Trending Topics Client — Command line tool to get trending topics from Twitter
  • nTunes by TooTallNate — A REST (HTTP) API for interacting with iTunes written in NodeJS.
  • nTunesAnywhere by TooTallNate — A mobile WebApp to access your iTunes library from anywhere (using nTunes and jQTouch)!
  • Node.js Interactive Shell — Interactive shell for Node.js
  • Alligator — Application Server on top of NodeJS (JSSP and SSJS support)



Companies using node

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