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* Ensure HTMLElement exists before creating Element.extend. [Tobie Langel]
* Add Number.prototype.round/ceil/floor/abs as an aliases to the respective methods in Math. Refactor to seperate number extensions from base.js. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Make Element#absolutize and Element#relativize properly use Element#getStyle. Closes #8580. [Christophe Porteneuve]
* Test library fixes: make rake dist work on Windows, only teardown if a browser is supported. Closes #8463, #8498. [Mislav Marohnić, grant]
* Change Element.insert syntax to allow multiple positions. [Thomas Fuchs]
Element.insert('foo', {top:'bar', bottom:'baz'});
$('foo').insert({after: new Element('p').update('bar')});
Element.insert('foo', new Element('p').update('bar')); // defaults to bottom
Element.insert('foo', 'bar'); // defaults to bottom
* String.prototype.truncate now explicitly converts its return value into a string if no truncation takes place. This prevents possible issues with methods expecting input data that is typeof == 'string'. [Thomas Fuchs, Tobie Langel, Sam Stephenson]
* Event.findElement behaves as expected when the element passed matches the given selector. Closes #8395. [Mislav Marohnić, Tobie Langel]
* Element.setOpacity now calls removeAttribute on the filter style on IE if no more filters remain, which makes Cleartype work properly. Closes #8376. [alexdemi, Thomas Fuchs]
* Event.findElement now uses Element#up (and as a result can take a CSS selector instead of just a tag name). [Tobie Langel]
* Minor cleanup of the position methods [sam]
* Fix Element#clonePosition to call viewportOffset. Closes #8372. [graemenelson, Christophe Porteneuve]
* Prevent an error being thrown by $$ when #id does not exist in $$("div #id"). Closes #8325. [Tobie Langel, ecke]
* Make Prototype.ScriptFragment behave when including Prototype inline. [Christophe Porteneuve]
* Deprecate Position (kept for backwards compatibility). Add Element#cumulativeOffset, Element#positionedOffset, Element#absolutize, Element#relativize, Element#cumulativeScrollOffset, Element#getOffsetParent, Element#viewportOffset and Element#clonePosition. [Christophe Porteneuve]
* Make Element#update and Element#insert work for SELECT tags in IE and Opera. [Tobie Langel]
* Make Element#insert and Element#update better handle TABLE related elements in IE and Opera. Closes #7776, #8040, #7550, #7776, #7938. [Tobie Langel]
* Make Element#readAttribute('title') work in Opera. [Tobie Langel]
* Make Element#replace work with form elements in Firefox and Safari. Closes #8010, #7989. [dsl239, Tobie Langel]
* Add Element#wrap which wraps the element inside a new one. Closes #5732. [P. Vande, Tobie Langel]
* Make Element into a constructor: new Element(tagName, attributes). Add Element#writeAttribute which accepts a hash of attributes or a name/value pair. Closes #7476. [Mislav Marohnić, haraldmartin, Tobie Langel]
* Insertion overhaul: Add Element.insert(content[, position = 'bottom']). Deprecate Insertion (kept for backwards compatibility). Make Ajax.Updater option.insertion accept both Insertion.Top or the now preferred 'top'. Closes #7907. [Tobie Langel]
* Refactor Element.extend and eliminate Element.extend.cache. [sam]
* Add Function#curry, Function#delay, Function#defer, and Function#wrap. Closes #8134. [Andrew Dupont, Tobie Langel, sam]
*1.5.1* (May 1, 2007)
* Don't duplicate the event argument in Function#bindAsEventListener. Closes #6497. [wiktor]
* Fix Selector :not-clause chaining. [Andrew Dupont]
*1.5.1_rc4* (April 27, 2007)
* Fix $F breakage from [6598]. [sam]
* Set window.$continue to an Error with a helpful message for anyone who may still be using "throw $continue". [sam]
* Fix jstest.rb IE support so you don't have to close the IE window after each test (yay!). Closes #8207. [Ryan Schuft]
* Fix jstest.rb Konqueror support. Closes #7140. [Christophe Porteneuve]
* Fix regression in which no-argument calls to Element.addMethods() would not add the methods defined in Form.Methods and Form.Element.Methods. Closes #8206. [Tobie Langel, fwittekind]
* Fix Element#readAttribute to work with the 'type' attribute in IE. Closes #8160. [Tobie Langel, Wiktor Ihárosi]
*1.5.1_rc3* (April 24, 2007)
* Add Element#childElements as an alias for Element#immediateDescendants. [Tobie Langel]
* Optimize DOM navigation methods (Element#up, Element#down, Element#previous, Element#next) for no-argument calls. Closes #7848. [haraldmartin, sam]
* Add Element#firstDescendant to retrieve the first non-text child node of an element. [sam]
* Element.addMethods should add methods to Element as well as Element.Methods. Closes #7888. [Andrew Dupont]
* Add support for per-request onCreate callbacks to Ajax.Request. Closes #8011. [Andrew Dupont]
* Don't call evalResponse() when an Ajax response has no Content-type header. Closes #7827. [Tobie Langel]
* Automatically strip security delimiter comments from JSON strings before evaling them. The default delimiter is '/*-secure- ... */' or you can specify your own with the Prototype.JSONFilter regular expression. If you wrap your JSON response bodies in this delimiter on the server side, rogue external sites can't hijack potentially sensitive data via <script> tags. Closes #7910. [Tobie Langel]
For more details on potential security problems, see:
* Add extra spacing so Array#toJSON and Hash#toJSON generate YAML-loadable JSON. Closes #7883. [Andrew Dupont]
* Fix Form.request for forms containing an input element with name="action". Closes #8063. [Thomas Fuchs, Mislav Marohnić]
* Make Event.element extend the returned element. Closes #7870. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Prevent a crash on Safari on String.prototype.stripScripts and extractScripts with large <script> tags. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Prevent linefeed normalisation in String.prototype.escapeHTML and unescapeHTML on IE for consistency with other browsers. Speed optimizations for Safari and IE. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Make Hash.toQueryString serialize undefined values. Ensure consistency with String.prototype.toQueryParams. Closes #7806. [Mislav Marohnić]
$H({a:'b',c:undefined}).toQueryString() -> 'a=b&c'
$H({a:'b',c:null}).toQueryString() -> 'a=b&c='
$H('a=b&c'.toQueryParams()).toQueryString() -> 'a=b&c'
$H('a=b&c='.toQueryParams()).toQueryString() -> 'a=b&c='
* Fix issues with Selector an+b logic, :not support, attribute selector double quotes, plus performance improvements. Closes #7873, #7901. [Andrew Dupont]
* Fix Form.disable to work again on non-form elements. Closes #6887. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Fix an issue with String.prototype.endsWith. Closes #7822. [altblue]
*1.5.1_rc2* (March 12, 2007)
* Add a tab character via innerHTML to the selector whitespace test. [Christophe Porteneuve]
* Add an attribution to YUI-Ext's DomQuery in selector.js.
* Make Element.extend work on IE for Nodes with the same ID that where discarded. Closes #7497. [Mislav Marohnić, Thomas Fuchs]
* Make Selector correctly extend the first element it returns on IE. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Prevent a crash in Safari when using $A() on NodeList objects that contain text nodes. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Fix Element.Methods.descendants() to properly extend elements on IE. [Thomas Fuchs]
*1.5.1_rc1* (March 9, 2007)
* Fix readAttribute for IE7. [Andrew Dupont]
*1.5.1_rc0* (March 8, 2007)
* Merge the selector branch into trunk, bringing vast performance improvements, bug fixes, and near-complete CSS3 compliance to $$ and Selector. Closes #7568. [Andrew Dupont]
Selector speed test:
* Add support for JSON encoding and decoding. Closes #7427. [Tobie Langel]
* Fix double escaping of query parameters in Hash.prototype.toQueryString, and prevent Safari from iterating over shadowed properties when creating hashes. Closes #7421. [Tobie Langel, Mislav Marohnić]
* Fix simulated attribute reading for IE for "href", "src" and boolean attributes. [Mislav Marohnić, Thomas Fuchs]
* Form.Element.disable() will now call blur(), removed blur() call from Form.Element.enable(). Closes #6034. [tdd]
* Optimize document.getElementsByClassName and finalize DOM performance optimization refactoring. Closes #6696. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Fix an issue with serializing empty array inputs. Closes #7516. [stakadush, Mislav Marohnić]
* Add optional third parameter "camelized" to Element.setStyle, for optimized performance if style names are known to be camelCased. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Fix a bug in the simulated hasAttribute for IE due to getAttributeNode sometimes returning null. [sam]
* Optimize Element.getStyle and add new Element.getOpacity method. Special case IE and Opera getStyle methods. Closes #7648. [Tobie Langel, Thomas Fuchs]
* Optimize Element.setStyle and add new Element.setOpacity method, special case IE and Gecko opacity methods. Closes #7585. [savetheclocktower]
* Add unified Browser detection by providing Prototype.Browser.(IE|Gecko|WebKit|Opera) booleans. Closes #6800. [savetheclocktower]
* Add String.prototype.empty and String.prototype.blank (tests if empty or whitespace-only). Closes #7016. [Jonathan Viney, Thomas Fuchs]
* Update README to reflect new URLs, update LICENSE copyright years. Closes #7426. [Tobie Langel]
* Array.prototype.uniq optimization. Closes #7417. [Christophe Porteneuve]
* String.prototype.endsWith should not fail on multiple occurrences. Closes #7416. [Christophe Porteneuve]
* Add Form.Methods.request as a convenience method for serializing and submitting a form via Ajax.Request to the URL in the form's action attribute. [sam]
Options passed to request() are intelligently merged with the underlying Ajax.Request options:
- If the form has a method attribute, its value is used for the Ajax.Request method option. If a method option is passed to request(), it takes precedence over the form's method attribute. If neither is specified, method defaults to "post".
- Key/value pairs specified in the parameters option (either as a query string or as a hash) will be merged with (and take precedence over) the serialized form parameters.
* Fix $(form).serialize() in Safari and add support for extending specific tags to Element.addMethods. Closes #7358. [Andrew Dupont]
* Add String.prototype.startsWith, String.prototype.endsWith, and String.prototype.include. Closes #7075. [Tobie Langel]
* Improve performance of String.prototype.escapeHTML by using a cached div and text node. Closes #6937. [altblue]
* Make setStyle() with opacity: 0 in Internet Explorer work correctly. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Form.Element.activate shouldn't raise an exception when the form or field is hidden. [sam]
* Remove support for "throw $continue" in Enumerable. Use "return" instead. [sam]
* Update HEADER to reflect new URL. [sam]
*1.5.0* (January 18, 2007)
* Add test to ensure Content-type header is set for simulated verbs. [sam]
* Fix Content-Type header for HTTP methods simulated with POST not defaulting to application/x-www-form-urlencoded. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Simplify form serialization and add support for fields with the same name as Hash methods. Closes #6649. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Fix attribute selectors for IE. Closes #5170. [Tobie Langel, Andrew Dupont]
* A slew of dom.js improvements. Closes #4217, #6589, #7001. [Tobie]
- Fix Element.getDimensions() for hidden elements, make Element.getHeight() use .getDimensions()
- Add Element.getWidth()
- Make Element.replace() call .toString() on the html argument (alike .update())
- Fix an issue with Element.get/setStyle() and Safari with 'float'
- Add a bunch of missing unit tests
* Fix an issue with Element.setStyle({opacity:''}) setting the opacity to 0 instead of removing the set inline opacity style. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Ensure Ajax.Request's evalResponse is called before onComplete so that onComplete can reference any elements created during the response. Closes #6727. [jonathan]
* Ensure the WEBrick test runner sets the correct Content-Type for tests and fixtures. [sam]
* Form.serialize once again works with non-form elements. This is a temporary change to prevent the Rails link_to_remote regression described in #6898. Prototype 1.5.1 will introduce an API for working with collections of arbitrary form elements. References #6887. Closes #6898. [sam]
* Make selectors match forms that have an element with name="id" correctly, fixes #5759 [mislav]
* Remove support for HTTP authorization in Ajax calls introduced with #6366. Closes #6638 [jmecham]
* Add Enumerable.size() to count elements in an enumerable and the corresponding Array.size() method, fixes #6710 [ZenCocoon]
* Add String.succ() method to allow for String ranges, fixes #6037 [Cory Hudson, mislav]
'abcd'.succ(); -> 'abce'
$R('a','d').map(function(char){ return char; }); -> ['a','b','c','d']
* Make Element.scrollTo() correctly consider offsets of parent DOM nodes, fixes #6625 [ohader, savetheclocktower]
* Fix Enumerable.inGroupsOf() to correctly work with fill values that evaluate to false, fixes #6782 [hawk]
* Remove/cleanup redundant $() calls in dom.js, fixes #6817 [Tobie]
* Don't cache files in automatic unit tests, fixes #6218 [voidlock]
* Add $w() to easily create arrays from strings like Ruby's %w, fixes #5682 [glazedginger, brendon.aaron]
* Add Element.toggleClassName() to toggle CSS classes on elements, fixes #6759 [Tobie]
* Make Form.getInputs always return an array for consistency, fixes #6475 [Justin Gehtland, savetheclocktower]
* Make TimedObserver work correctly for SELECT MULTIPLE elements, fixes #6593 [clemos, tdd]
* Fix Template.prototype.evaluate to correctly interpret 0 and false values, add String.interpret() for safely interpreting and converting values to strings, fixes #6675 [hawk]
* Make Element.getStyle() work with camelCased argument, fixes #6686 [Tobie]
* Fix a redundant check in Array.prototype.compact, fixes #4739 [wlodarcz, mislav]
* Fix $() to correctly pass back the results of document.getElementById(), notably returning "null" on elements not found, fixes #6582 [adsmart]
* Change/add assertNull, assertUndefined, assertNullOrUndefined and not-* variants in unittest.js, fixes #6582 [adsmart]
* Cleanup String.prototype.camelize, fix an issue with String.prototype.underscore, fixes #4714, #6685 [Tobie, Thomas Fuchs]
* Add String.prototype.capitalize, which returns a string with the first character in upper case, fixes #6666 [Tobie]
* Make Element.getStyle() and Element.setStyle() handle the CSS 'opacity' property transparently in IE, fixes #6093 [brandon.aaron, Tobie]
* Fix handling of CSS 'float' property for Element.getStyle() and Element.setStyle(), fixes #4160 [Thomas Fuchs, ericf]
* Fix that onComplete would be called twice with synchronous Ajax requests on Safari (provides units tests for #5756) [Thomas Fuchs]
* Fix Form.Field.activate to not select text on buttons in IE, fixes #2653 [sutch, mislav, Thomas Fuchs]
* Fix String.unescapeHTML() on Firefox for strings that are longer than 2048 bytes, fixes #5789 [Paul Moers, Thomas Fuchs]
* Redefine Array.prototype.concat for Opera, as the native implemenation doesn't work correctly [Thomas Fuchs]
* Add unit tests for Function.prototype.bind() [Thomas Fuchs]
* Add String.prototype.underscore and String.prototype.dasherize [Thomas Fuchs]
'Hello_World'.dasherize() -> 'Hello-World'
'borderBottomWidth'.underscore() -> 'border_bottom_width'
'borderBottomWidth'.underscore().dasherize() -> 'border-bottom-width'
*1.5.0_rc2* (November 11, 2006)
* Ensure that existing DOM properties take precedence over extended element methods in all browsers. Closes #5115. [Sean Kleinjung, sam]
* Add Element.Methods.readAttribute as a simple wrapper around getAttribute (which isn't a "real" function and doesn't have .apply or .call in Safari and IE). Useful in conjunction with Enumerable.invoke for extracting the values of a custom attribute from a collection of elements. [sam]
<div id="widgets">
<div class="widget" widget_id="7">...</div>
<div class="widget" widget_id="8">...</div>
<div class="widget" widget_id="9">...</div>
$$('div.widget').invoke('readAttribute', 'widget_id')
// ["7", "8", "9"]
* Add Element.Methods.immediateDescendants, like $A($(element).childNodes) but without text nodes. [sam]
* More consistency. Closes #6573. [Bob Silva]
* String.prototype.toQueryParams and Hash.prototype.toQueryString now properly serialize arrays as multiple values. Closes #4436. [mislav, altblue, L`OcuS]
* Fix Form.serialize for options with empty values. Closes #5033. [tdd, Thomas Fuchs, sam]
* Add Element.Methods.Simulated for simulating HTMLElement methods in lesser browsers. Add hasAttribute as the first simulated method. [tdd, Thomas Fuchs, sam]
* Add a "retry with throw" button for test error messages. [sam]
* rake test now runs test/unit/*.html by default. Additionally, you can specify individual tests to run with the TESTS environment variable, and you can restrict the tests to particular browsers using the BROWSERS environment variable. [sam]
% BROWSERS=safari,firefox rake test
% TESTS=dom rake test
* Element.hasClassName now bypasses the Element.ClassNames API for performance. [sam]
* Pick some low-hanging performance and DRYness fruit. [sam]
- Inline length property accesses in for loops
- Enumerable-ize for loops where it makes sense
- Make better use of Element.Methods and Form.Methods/Form.Element.Methods
* A slew of Ajax improvements. Closes #6366. [mislav, sam]
Public-facing changes include:
- HTTP method can be specified in either lowercase or uppercase, and uppercase is always used when opening the XHR connection
- Added 'encoding' option (for POST) with a default of 'UTF-8'
- Ajax.Request now recognizes all the JavaScript MIME types we're aware of
- PUT body support with the 'postBody' option
- HTTP authentication support with the 'username' and 'password' options
- Query parameters can be passed as a string or as a hash
- Fixed both String.toQueryParams and Hash.toQueryString when handling empty values
- Request headers can now be specified as a hash with the 'requestHeaders' option
* Improve performance of the common case where $ is called with a single argument. Closes #6347. [sam, rvermillion, mislav]
* Fix Object.inspect to correctly distinguish between null and undefined, fixes #5941 [tdd, mislav]
* Don't serialize disabled form elements, fixes #4586 [tdd]
* Make HTML element classes extension mechanism for Safari not throw errors on WebKit beta versions [Thomas Fuchs]
* Add support for using Element.update() with no or a non-string parameter [Thomas Fuchs]
$('empty_me').update() -> clears the element
$('easy_as').update(123) -> set element content to '123'
* Add unit tests for hashes, fixes #6344 [Tobie Langel]
* Add clone() method to arrays, fixes #6338 [Tobie Langel]
* Backing out of [5194] (Element.clear) because of issues with IE on certain elements, #6051
* Add Element.clear for easily emptying out elements, fixes #6051 []
* Enumerable.each now returns the enumerable to allow for method chaining, fixes #6250 [eventualbuddha]
* Make makeClipping and undoClipping always return their element to stay chainable
* Fix an issue with certain Element chain calls not correctly extending elements with Prototype element methods on IE [Thomas Fuchs]
* Add Enumerable.eachSlice and Enumerable.inGroupsOf, fixes #6046 [, Thomas Fuchs]
[1,2,3,4,5].inGroupsOf(3) -> [[1,2,3],[4,5,null]]
[1,2,3].inGroupsOf(4,'x') -> [[1,2,3,'x']]
* Complete unit tests for array.js and string.js [Thomas Fuchs]
* Performance improvements for document.getElementsByClassName, including querying with XPath in supported browsers. [Andrew Dupont]
* Make Form.getElements() return elements in the correct order, fix broken Form.serialize return, fixes #4249, #6172 [, Thomas Fuchs, john]
* Add various DOM unit tests, fixes #6176, #6177 [tdd]
* Split Form.serialize into Form.serialize and Form.serializeElements. The latter can be used stand-alone to serialize an array of elements you pass in, instead of the entire form [DHH]
* Form.Element.disable() and .enable() will now work correctly, fixes #6034 []
* Fix IE and Safari issues with Position.positionedOffset, add position.html unit tests, fixes #5621 []
* Fix an issue with Element.undoClipping and IE [Thomas Fuchs]
* Element.cleanWhitespace now correctly removes consecutive empty text nodes, fixes #3209 []
* Element.extend now does not try to extend text nodes, fixes #4642 []
*1.5.0_rc1* (September 4, 2006)
* bindAsEventListener now passes along any provided arguments after the event argument. Closes #5508. []
* Fix makeClipping and undoClipping with local overflow style values other than visible and hidden, fixes #3672 [Thomas Fuchs]
* Add Element.up, Element.down, Element.previous, and for easily traversing the DOM. (Inspired by Thomas Fuchs' original implementation of Element.up: [sam]
<div id="sidebar"> -> $('nav').up() or $('menu').up('div')
<ul id="nav"> -> $('sidebar').down() or $('sidebar').down('ul') or $('menu').previous()
<li>...</li> -> $('sidebar').down(1) or $('sidebar').down('li')
<li>...</li> -> $('sidebar').down(2) or $('sidebar').down('li', 2) or $('sidebar').down('li').next('li')
<li class="selected">...</li> -> $('sidebar').down('li.selected')
<ul id="menu"> -> $('sidebar').down('ul').next()
* Refactor $$ and Element.getElementsBySelector into Selector.findChildElements. [sam]
* Add Element.match, which takes a single CSS selector expression and returns true if it matches the element. [sam]
* Add Element.ancestors, Element.descendants, Element.previousSiblings, Element.nextSiblings, and Element.siblings. [sam]
* Add Element.inspect for better DOM debugging. [sam]
* Add an optional boolean argument to String.prototype.inspect which, when true, makes the string double-quoted instead of single-quoted. [sam]
* Add the uniq() method to Arrays, which returns a new Array with duplicates removed, fixes #3810 [secondlife]
* Add stop() method to PeriodicalExecutor, fixes #4801 [Jon Evans]
* Fix issues with Enumerable.any, ObjectRange.toArray, added unit tests, fixes #4419 [miyamuko, Thomas Fuchs]
* Fix two instances of unneccesarily redeclared variables, fixes #5229 [Thomas Fuchs]
* Fix a loop in Element.extend to properly use local variable, fixes #5128 [arrix]
* Add constants for additional keys in Event, fixes #5411, #5795 [simone_b]
* Workaround a DOM API bug in Opera in, fixes #2407, #5848 [Thomas Fuchs]
* Remove duplicate definition of Position.clone(), fixes #3765 [Thomas Fuchs]
* Make destructive Element, Form, and Form.Element methods return their first argument, so that multiple calls can be chained together. [sam]
ex. $("sidebar").addClassName("selected").show();
The following methods now return their first argument: Element.toggle, Element.hide,, Element.remove, Element.update, Element.replace, Element.addClassName, Element.removeClassName, Element.observe, Element.stopObserving, Element.cleanWhitespace, Element.scrollTo, Element.setStyle, Element.makePositioned, Element.undoPositioned, Element.makeClipping, Element.undoClipping, Form.reset, Form.disable, Form.enable, Form.focusFirstElement, Form.Element.focus,, Form.Element.clear, Form.Element.activate, Form.Element.disable, Form.Element.enable.
* For consistency, Element.toggle,, Element.hide, Field.clear, and Field.present no longer take an arbitrary number of arguments. [sam]
If you have code that looks like this:'page', 'sidebar', 'content');
You need to replace it with code like this:
['page', 'sidebar', 'content'].each(;
* Mix in Form and Form.Element methods to forms and form field elements with $() and $$(). Closes #4448. [Dan Webb, sam]
* Add Object.clone [sam]
* Add Form.Element.disable and Form.Element.enable. Closes #4943. []
* Field is now simply an alias for Form.Element. [sam]
* Add Element.Methods.getElementsByClassName and Element.Methods.getElementsBySelector. Closes #4669. [Andrew Dupont, DHH, sam]
* Avoid race condition when stopping an Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater. Closes #4809. []
* Improve support for synchronous requests. Closes #5916. [sam,]
* Add serialization and observation support for input type=search. Closes #4096. []
* Properly decode query components in String.prototype.toQueryParams. Closes #3487. [sam]
* Add Array.prototype.reduce [sam]:
[1, 2].reduce() // [1, 2]
[1].reduce() // 1
[].reduce() // undefined
* Add Object.keys and Object.values [sam]
* Simulate non-GET/POST requests by POSTing with a _method parameter set to the actual verb [DHH]
* Make Element.update() handle TABLE-related elements with the DOM API because of IE's missing .innerHTML property on them [Thomas Fuchs, thx to Rick Olson]
* Sync to unittest.js library as of 2006/08/29 [Thomas Fuchs]
* Add additional unit tests to test/unit/dom.html for testing Element.update and $().update in various enviroments [Thomas Fuchs]
* Prevent possible exceptions on unloading the page in IE [Thomas Fuchs]
*1.5.0_rc0* (April 5, 2006)
* Modify HTMLElement.prototype and short-circuit Element.extend where possible. Closes #4477. [Thomas Fuchs]
* Only observe window.onunload in IE for Mozilla bfcache support. Closes #3726. [Mike A. Owens]
* Don't redefine Array.prototype.shift. Closes #4138. [leeo]
* Prevent redefining Array.prototype.reverse more than once. Closes #3951. []
* Fix Enumerable.min/Enumerable.max to recognize the value 0. Closes #3847, #4190. [, Martin Bialasinski]
* Change Ajax.getTransport to prefer XMLHttpRequest in anticipation of IE 7. Closes #3688. [, sam]
* Make Array.prototype.flatten more robust. Closes #3453. [Martin Bialasinski, sam]
* Fix evalScripts from crashing Firefox if script includes 'var'. Closes #3288, #4165. [, sam]
* Scope iterators locally. Closes #4589. [sam]
* Support Insertion.Before/Insertion.After for <tr> elements in IE. Closes #3925. []
* Add a contentType option for overriding application/x-www-form-urlencoded in Ajax.Request. Closes #3564. [, sam]
* Surround values in the X-JSON header in parenthesis for better compatibility with Firefox. Closes #4118. []
* Fix Form.serialize to properly encode option values in multiple selects in IE. Closes #3291. []
* Cache methods added to DOM elements with Element.extend to prevent memory leaks in IE. Closes #4465. [, sam]
* 1.5.0_pre1* (March 26, 2006)
* Add attribute selector support for Selector (and $$). Closes #4368. []
$$('form#foo input[type=text]').each(function(input) {
input.setStyle({color: 'red'});
* Send Accept header containing 'text/javascript, text/html, application/xml, text/xml */*'' to inform Rails that we prefer RJS, but we'll take HTML or XML or whatever if you can't deliver the goods [DHH]
* Make $$ work in IE. Closes #3715. []
* Add test/browser.html, which provides a simple object browser for the Prototype source (Firefox/Safari only). [sam]
* Add Element.extend, which mixes Element methods into a single HTML element. This means you can now write $('foo').show() instead of'foo'). $, $$ and document.getElementsByClassName automatically call Element.extend on any returned elements. [sam]
* Add Element.replace as a cross-browser implementation of the "outerHTML" property. References #3246. []
* Fix iterator behavior. [Marcin Kaszynski, sam]
*1.5.0_pre0* (January 18, 2006)
* Add String.prototype.truncate to complement the Action View truncate helper. [sam]
* Add String.prototype.gsub, String.prototype.sub, and String.prototype.scan, all of which take a pattern and an iterator (or a pattern and a replacement template string in the case of gsub and sub). [sam]
* Add a Template class for interpolating named keys from an object in a string. [sam]
* Add the $$ function for finding DOM elements by simple CSS selector strings. [sam]
Example: Find all <img> elements inside <p> elements with class "summary", all inside
the <div> with id "page". Hide each matched <img> tag.
$$('div#page p.summary img').each(Element.hide)
* Add a Selector class for matching elements by single CSS selector tokens. [sam]
* Add Test.Unit.Assertions.assertEnumEqual for comparing Enumerables in tests. [sam]
* Add Element.childOf(element, ancestor) which returns true when element is a child of ancestor. [sam]
* Fix escaping in String.prototype.inspect. [sam]
* Add String.prototype.strip to remove leading and trailing whitespace from a string. [sam]
* Move Prototype to Rails SVN. [sam]
* Make the console nicer. [sam]
* Prune the source tree. [sam]
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