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savetheclocktower committed May 19, 2008
1 parent 1109d05 commit 8f7f26ebe4f8d39cc81f8edc809a23e37a4d8bb5
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+* Fix issue where Ajax.Request does not work with local files in IE7. (jddalton)
+* Ensure Array#intersect returns correct result if intersect value is 0. (jddalton)
+* Preserve inline display styles when showing/hiding an element. (jddalton)
+* Allow query parameters for any HTTP method. (jddalton)
+* Form.Element.getValue should return null on unknown/unsupported elements. (jddalton)
+* Ensure Element.hide and return an element, even if you pass an element ID. (jddalton)
+* Fix issue where setting type attribute for button element in Element constructor fails in IE. (jddalton)
* Ensure IE el.readAttribute('id') behaves properly when child element has id="id" or name="id". (jddalton) [#89 state:resolved]
* Stop Form.Element.disable from stealing focus. (jddalton)

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