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base fork: sstephenson/prototype
head fork: sstephenson/prototype
Commits on Oct 17, 2010
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Wrap `element` in `$` for Element#cumulativeOffset, #viewportOffset, …
…#positionedOffset, and #getOffsetParent. [#782 state:resolved] (Radoslav Stankov, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Make the `assertNear` test helper method a bit friendlier to debug. 27e6845
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Handle cases where `document` or `document.documentElement` is passed…
… into Element#getOffsetParent. Fixes IE errors with many layout/positioning methods. [#90 state:resolved] (Padraig Kennedy, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Add Object.isDate. [#443 state:resolved] (Nesterenko Dmitry, kangax, …
…Samuel Lebeau, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Fix issue where an Ajax request in IE sometimes returns 1223 instead …
…of 204 as the status code. [#129 state:resolved] (adevadeh, gordyt, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Fix issue with Event#isMiddleClick and #isRightClick on Safari and Ch…
…rome. [#731 state:resolved] (Arthur Schreiber)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Revert Opera-specific behavior for calling Element#getStyle with (lef…
…t|right|top|bottom). [#268 state:resolved] (kangax, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Ensure Object.isFunction returns `false` for RegExp objects. [#661 st…
…ate:resolved] (James, kangax, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Extend BUTTON elements with everything defined in Form.Element.Method…
…s. Ensure BUTTON elements are traversed in Form.getElements and serialized in Form.serialize. [#394 state:resolved] [#688 state:resolved] (Luis Gomez, Samuel Lebeau, kangax, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Fix odd behavior with `new Element('select')` in IE6-7. [#480 state:r…
…esolved] (Bruce Harris, kangax, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Define a `relatedTarget` property on extended mouseenter/mouseleave e…
…vents in IE's legacy event system. [#708 state:resolved] (Walter Smith, Tobie Langel, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Add a couple of test cases to guard against issues with `new Element`. 6abe2a6
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Ensure `Form.focusFirstElement` doesn't raise an exception on forms w…
…ith no fields. [#341 state:resolved] (achernin, Andrew Dupont)
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Doc fix. ccb929d
Commits on Oct 19, 2010
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Stop appending `&_=` to the parameters for non-GET Ajax requests in S…
…afari. We no longer support any version of Safari for which this is necessary. [#327 state:resolved] (John-David Dalton, Andrew Dupont)
Commits on Nov 01, 2010
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Make `Event.extend` work with legacy IE events in IE 9. 1a5f049
Commits on Nov 02, 2010
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Handle sparse arrays properly in `Array#_each` to match behavior with…
… browsers' built-in `Array#forEach` (and ES5). [#790 state:resolved] (Andriy Tyurnikov, Yaffle, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Treat a 304 HTTP status as a successful response. [#331 state:resolve…
…d] (Kenneth Kin Lum, Andrew Dupont)
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Ensure `Element#update` works with string content that includes a LIN…
…K tag in Internet Explorer. [#264 state:resolved] (Tobias H. Michaelsen, Andrew Dupont)
Commits on Nov 05, 2010
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Optimize `Event.stopObserving`. 849bcee
Commits on Nov 15, 2010
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Fix a Hash test regression in IE. 89b2d77
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Ensure `Event.extend` returns the event. 78082ec
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Make a DOM test simulate a click instead of triggering a custom event. 87b2fda
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Fix failing layout test case in Opera. 23a1444
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Add documentation for `Element.Layout` and `Event.on`. 14e7943
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Update PDoc. 33477d6
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Update PDoc Rake task to include proper URLs for source code references. 0a0673a
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Fix layout test. 877e1a8
Commits on Nov 16, 2010
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Bump version number. 1fb9728
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