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head fork: sstephenson/prototype
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Commits on Sep 28, 2008
@tobie tobie Reorganizing array.js source code. f46a3c2
@tobie tobie More clean-up to array.js. f5d8a09
@tobie tobie Reorganize enumerable.js. b7e8179
@tobie tobie Reorganize hash.js. a94c420
Commits on Sep 29, 2008
@tobie tobie Reorganizing array.js source code. e63f50a
@tobie tobie More clean-up to array.js. 22f9cfc
@tobie tobie Reorganize enumerable.js. bcbdf3b
@tobie tobie Reorganize hash.js. 1669e41
@tobie tobie Reorganize number.js. f64c956
@tobie tobie Reorganize range.js. dc70b13
@tobie tobie Extract the template class out of string.js and into its own file . 373ef2d
@tobie tobie Split base.js up. e3f3e95
@tobie tobie Split src code into lang, dom and ajax directories. 8d3911e
@tobie tobie Split ajax.js 9af3c03
@tobie tobie Fix a bug introduced in my previous commit on protodoc.rb 5607889
@tobie tobie Fixed conflicting merge. 15d4d5f
@tobie tobie Fix typo in file name. fee81bf
@tobie tobie Refactor object.js. ec5069e
Commits on Sep 30, 2008
@tobie tobie function.js rewrite. d55932f
@tobie tobie Improve performance in function.js by using Array#slice directly. 3a93b6c
@tobie tobie function.js: rename private 'combine' method to 'update', add a priva…
…te 'merge' methos.
@tobie tobie Variables renaming in function.js for readability. 160f85f
Commits on Oct 01, 2008
@tobie tobie string.js rewrite. ba30188
@tobie tobie Revert "Variables renaming in function.js for readability."
This reverts commit 160f85f.
@tobie tobie string.js rewrite. cd0734b
Commits on Oct 02, 2008
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Refactored event.js. b878bfe
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Merge branch 'rewrite' of into r…
Commits on Oct 26, 2008
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Reorganized unit tests to match the file structure of the source. 0cc28be
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Fix issue where Function#argumentNames returned incorrect results in …
…IE when comments were intermixed with argument names. [#397 state:resolved]
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Updated .gitignore to ignore files generated by rake tasks. 10573fb
@staaky staaky Fixed event.js so more unit tests pass on IE. Changed the use of '_' …
…prefix to match other parts of the rewrite branch.
Commits on Nov 19, 2008
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Deleted generated unit test files and added them to .gitignore. 275a344
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Refactored class.js. 9f09a8c
@savetheclocktower savetheclocktower Fix issue where certain versions of Safari treat class names case-ins…
…ensitively in Selector/$$ queries. [#390 state:resolved]