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Managing Passwords and Sensitive information with rbenv-vars #4

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My application requires a database connect string to be established using an environment variable.


I want to keep the password out of my public repository. To help with this, I made a small change in rbenv-vars to enable passwords to be segregated into a separate file. Once done, I can .gitignore the password file, and everything is secure.

For my example, I establish '.rbenv-vars-password', and add the variable "PASSWORD=mypass"

Then in '.rbenv-vars', I can use "CONNECT_STRING=postgres://user:${PASSWORD}@localhost/database".

I know that I could have put my private information in a parent directory, but my situation doesn't quite fit that layout.

I hope this is simple to understand and useful for others. Thanks for rbenv and rbenv-vars.


Thanks for the patch, but I don't think this is a good fit for rbenv-vars. Perhaps you can fork the plugin for this functionality.

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  2. +4 −0 bin/rbenv-vars
@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ that supports plugin bundles.)
## Usage
+### Variable File
Define environment variables in an `.rbenv-vars` file in your project,
one variable per line, in the format `VAR=value`. For example:
@@ -40,6 +42,26 @@ directories of the current directory will be set. Variables from the
Use the `rbenv vars` command to print all environment variables in the
order they'll be set.
+### Alternate Variable File
+It is a good idea to segregate passwords and sensitive information from
+your public code repository. To help with this, an alternate file can
+be used with the filename `.rbenv-vars-<yourfile>`. The alternate file
+will be loaded before the normal `.rbenv-vars` file.
+For example, your application may require an environment variable with
+a database connect string that contains a password.
+Alternate file: `.rbenv-vars-passwords`
+ DB_PASSWORD=mypassword
+Normal file: `.rbenv-vars`
+ DB_CONNECT_STRING=postgres://dbuser:${DB_PASSWORD}@localhost/my_database
+In this situation, you would .gitignore the `.rbenv-vars-passwords` file.
## License
&copy; 2011 Sam Stephenson. Released under the MIT license. See
4 bin/rbenv-vars
@@ -13,11 +13,15 @@ find-rbenv-vars-files() {
local root="$RBENV_DIR"
local results=""
+ shopt -s nullglob # suppress stderr output if glob doesn't match
while [ -n "$root" ]; do
if [ -e "${root}/.rbenv-vars" ]; then
+ for f in ${root}/.rbenv-vars-* ; do
+ results="$f"$'\n'"$results" # include alternate file in results list
+ done
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