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rbenv shouldn't display ruby's dependency #261

conradwt opened this Issue · 6 comments

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rbenv should only show rubies and not there underlying dependencies. For example, Maglev 1.0.0 depends on GemStone-27184.Darwin-i386

$ rbenv versions
* 1.9.3-p194 (set by /Users/conradwt/.rbenv/version)

I believe rbenv versions simply lists what's at the top level of the ~/.rbenv/versions folder, so to avoid having something listed, don't put it there.


@mattneub I didn't put it there but this is where it was installed after invoking 'rbenv install maglev-1.0.0'.


Hmm, I see what you mean. Not sure what the right answer is for that.


@mattneub I'm not sure but this might be something that can be configured within rbenv or its plugin, ruby-build.


@conradwt as you say, this should be handled in ruby-build no in rbenv, rbenv is just listing the content of ~/.rbenv/versions. Can you re-open this issue in ruby-build bug tracker?

Not sure but maybe the fix is avoid installation of GemStone in same folder of other rubies? Maybe @jc00ke can help us with this


ruby-build could move the GemStone folder but it would have to update the symlinks in the maglev dir. I wouldn't recommend that. I would prefer filtering GemStone*/. out of the output. I realize this might not be ideal.

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