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Better warning when you don't have java installed #1

jwheare opened this Issue · 3 comments

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At the moment you just get the "compression failed" RuntimeError in the compress method.

If you poke that exception a bit more it says there was a Broken Pipe error in the Open3.popen3(*command) call which you can then trace to the @command in initialize to see that the java call is failing.

This took me a little while as I'm not that familiar with ruby, and didn't really understand what that popen3 command was doing.

Maybe at a test for java that raises a more descriptive exception earlier on?


seconded. Thanks for the solution :)


all that is probably required is to add a puts with the exception message. that is how I found out why the compression was failing (in regards to another issue).

      rescue Exception => e
        puts e.message
        raise RuntimeError, "compression failed"

This issue should be resolved now. I added my comments on #20

@stevecrozz stevecrozz closed this
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