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wjessop commented Jun 20, 2011

"compression failed" with no further information isn't very useful for fixing.


Bumping this because it is important to the usability of the tool. I cannot see a downside.


+1 A few times now we've had difficulty pinpointing a "compression failed" error in our build, when the application runs fine in our development environment. Sometimes YUI blows up on valid javascript. We need a line number and preferably a specific error message.

Unfortunately, it does not look like this project is maintained anymore. Guess it's time to start a fork?


+1 this is a must have!



lrgalego commented Mar 9, 2012

+1 This is gonna be really useful.


So, no good news about this topic, I guess...


is anyone likely to ever merge this? seems pretty straight-forward?


+1 ....


I added a commit that adds better error messages for both linux and windows:

It should help out a lot for problems like a missing java binary. Other issues like actual compression failure are a little trickier, but yuicompressor itself should now be sending its own errors to the parent process' error stream.

@stevecrozz stevecrozz closed this Jul 15, 2013
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