Allow java vm flags to be passed in #9

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scudco commented Mar 10, 2011

One of the smaller servers I use yui-compressor on seems to blow up unless I set the -Xmx64M flag. This is just a small commit to allow the initializer to accept :java_opts. So you can do something like: => '-Xmx64M')

wizztjh commented Aug 26, 2011

is it merged? we are depending on it. #19

scudco commented Aug 26, 2011

Almost six months later and no word on this getting merged in :\

shedd commented Sep 14, 2011

Any hope of getting this merged in?

facepalm. 1 year old pull request

Looks like the author doesn't need this anymore.


stevecrozz- commented Apr 19, 2013

This would be a welcome addition. Is this repository no longer maintained?


stevecrozz commented May 1, 2013

I added some commits that should resolve this issue:

stevecrozz closed this May 1, 2013

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