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Simple JavaScript string tokenizer for lexical scanning operations

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StringScanner is a simple string tokenizer that provides for lexical scanning operations on a string. It's a JavaScript port of the Ruby library with the same name.

Scanning a string means keeping track of and advancing a position (a zero-based index into the source string) and matching regular expressions against the portion of the source string after the position.

StringScanner is written in CoffeeScript and distributed via npm as a CommonJS module.

Quick start

$ npm install strscan
$ node-repl
> var StringScanner = require("strscan").StringScanner
> var s = new StringScanner("This is a test")
> s.scan(/\w+/)             # => "This"
> s.scan(/\w+/)             # => null
> s.scan(/\s+/)             # => " "
> s.scan(/\s+/)             # => null
> s.scan(/\w+/)             # => "is"
> s.hasTerminated()         # => false
> s.scan(/\s+/)             # => " "
> s.scan(/(\w+)\s+(\w+)/)   # => "a test"
> s.getMatch()              # => "a test"
> s.getCapture(0)           # => "a"
> s.getCapture(1)           # => "test"
> s.hasTerminated()         # => true


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Read the full documentation/annotated source code


Copyright (c) 2010 Sam Stephenson. Distributed under the terms of an MIT-style license. See LICENSE for details.

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