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An effort to standardize the "Real Journalism Salaries" spreadsheeet
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Journalism Salaries Data

This repository will be an effort to clean and standardize the Real Journalism Salaries spreadsheet, created by Sarah Kobos, that has been making its rounds.

If you'd like to submit your anonymous salary data, you can do so here: Submission Form

If you'd like to see the raw data as it comes in you can do so here: Salary data

Cleaning Process

New data last appended: 8:30 a.m. Nov. 15, 2019


New, standardized columns will always be added at the end of the data so new information can be appended to the bottom. A file of the original data will also be kept here.

  • Nov. 13: I have created a numerical salary column, a numerical experience column and roughly cleaned employer column. I'll build out a broader data dictionary as I go.

  • Nov. 15: Removed several troll entries, appended another 400 or so data slots. Further refined title_category column.

If you have suggestions/criticisms, you can ping me at Totally open to outside contributions as well.

Data Dictionary

I'll add to this as I do more work:

id unique id
title original title column
employer original employer column
salary original salary column
gender original gender column
years_exp original years experience column
Location original location column
duties original "job duties" column
comments original "prev salaries/titles/etc" column
employer_clean column standardizes publication names removing words like "the" and various minor permutations
base_salary_clean Changes all salaries to numerical values, where possible. Only base salaries included. Bonuses, if specified, not included.
sal_flag rows where base salary calculation not available for various reasons (non-usd, hourly)
years_exp_clean numerical version of years exp column
location_forgeo beginning of standardized location column that would be fit to geocode. Non-specific locations eliminated
title_category first pass at standardizing 'title' column. Grouped many positions, but needs more work.
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