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Marbles Network

This is an interactive and distributed, marble trading demo. List marbles for sale and exchange marbles between participants.

This business network defines:

Participant Player

Asset Marble

Transaction TradeMarble

Player participants are able to have Marble assets and trade these with TradeMarble transaction.

To test this Business Network Definition in the Test tab:

Create two Player participant:

  "$class": "org.hyperledger_composer.marbles.Player",
  "email": "memberA@acme.org",
  "firstName": "Jenny",
  "lastName": "Jones"
  "$class": "org.hyperledger_composer.marbles.Player",
  "email": "memberB@acme.org",
  "firstName": "Billy",
  "lastName": "Thompson"

Create a Marble asset:

  "$class": "org.hyperledger_composer.marbles.Marble",
  "marbleId": "marbleId:1234",
  "size": "SMALL",
  "color": "BLUE",
  "owner": "resource:org.hyperledger_composer.marbles.Player#email:memberA@acme.org"

Submit a Transaction transaction:

  "$class": "org.hyperledger_composer.marbles.TradeMarble",
  "marble": "resource:org.hyperledger_composer.marbles.Marble#marbleId:1234",
  "newOwner": "resource:org.hyperledger_composer.marbles.Player#email:memberB@acme.org"

This transaction has transferred marbleId:1234 from memberA@acme.org to memberB@acme.org.