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JSJaC v1.4 - 10/19/2012
* lots of compatibility fixes for modern browsers, esp. IE9
* support for websockets
* support for facebook authentication
* removed support for HTTP Polling by default
* don't catch JS errors from registered event handlers
* use jsdoc3 for documentation
* many documentation fixes
* support for CORS (IE8+)
* many bugfixes
JSJaC v1.3.4
* JSJaCPacket: fix serious issues with xmlns and namespaces
JSJaC v1.3.3
* allow to set 'cookie_prefix' at Connection constructors
* fixed event handler bubbling (wasn't able to stop)
* JSJaCCookie: allow to set domain and path
* JSJaC.bind: pass args correctly
* XmlDocument.create: removed alert in case of error*
* JSJaCConnection.prototyp.suspendFromData: added
* JSJaCConnection.prototyp.resumeFromData: added
... lots more
JSJaC v1.3.2
* fixed compatibility issues with Firefox3
* fixed some little bugs
JSJaC v1.3.1
* changed licensing to Mozilla's tri-license model (MPL, GPL, LGPL)
* some little bugfixes
JSJaC v1.3
* all handlers/callbacks now have their context set to the connection,
thus you can refer to it using 'this'.
* JSJaCConnection.unregisterHandler added
* lots of bugfixes
JSJaC v1.2.2
* added mootools packer to generate a packed version of jsjac
(make target 'pack')
* json routines: don't extend Object
* fixed internal polling going wild when reconnecting
* JSJaCJID.prototype.clone and JSJaCJID.prototype.isEntity added
* Copyright and legelases statements added for code from external
JSJaC v1.2.1
* fixed handlers for packets with empty childnodes (fixes #17)
* updated docs
JSJaC v1.2
* JSJaCConnection.prototype.getChild: rewrite
* JSJaCConstants.js: various XMPP Constants and error conditions
* JSJaCPacket.prototype.errorReply: create an error reply to a packet
* JSJaCIQ.prototype.reply: Create an iq reply with type 'result'
* JSJaCConnection.prototype.registerHandler: allow to register tagnames, namespaces and packet types. make events bubble and allow handlers to cancel bubbling of the event.
* JSJaCConnection.prototype.registerIQGet: here for your convenience
* JSJaCConnection.prototype.registerIQSet: here for your convenience
* JSJaCConnection.prototype.sendIQ: like send but with different callbacks for different types of iq replies ('error' & 'result') and default handlers
* include JSDoc for your convenience
JSJaC v1.1.1
* fixed jsjac.js not having XmlDocument.create defined
JSJaC v1.1
* fixed bug with empty JID giving null pointer exception when using getters
* use prototype property to declare member methods
* static methods for cookie retrieval/erase for convenience
* moved config vars to own file 'src/JSJaCConfig.js'
* fixed make process of single include file to not compress config vars
and place them on top of 'jsjac.js'
JSJaC v1.0
* support for pausing sessions as described in
* bosh compliance v1.6
JSJaC v1.0beta1
* JSJacJID.js: dedicated class for handling with JIDs
* JSJaCPacket.js: getToJID(), getFromJID() return a JID object
* JSJaCPacket.js: setTo and setFrom accept JID object too
* jsextras.js: extends string with 'htmlEnc', extends Date with 'jabberDate',
'hrTime' (static) and 'jab2date' (static)
* fixed all occurrences of 'for .. in' to be compliant with having prototypes
of objects (arrays) extended (like prototype.js does e.g.).
* buildNode: build nodes using famous DOM builder
* appendNode: append nodes to root node, may also be used with DOM builder
* ConsoleLogger: debug logger using firebug's or safari's console
* getChild(name, ns): get child node with given name (and namespace)
* getChildVal(name, ns): get value of child node with given name
(and namespace)
* new API documentation using jsdoc
* new build system using jsmin to create single minimized file (jsjac.js)
* new events: onresume, packet_in/out, presence_in/out, message_in/out,
* new status: resuming
JSJaC v0.6
* Support for Opera, Konqueror and Safari.
* Support for suspend/resume (makes it possible to save the state between
page transitions.
* Single include by JSJaC.js
* Many bugfixes and improvements concerning reliability.
* API change! Params to constructors and connect methods are now passed as
JSON objects.
* New event 'status_changed' to signal if sth going on with the status of
the connection (like errors, retries and so on)
JSJaC v0.5
* lots of bug fixes and minor improvements
* make use of asynchronous request wherever possible
* fixed simpleclient
* fixed API docs
JSJaC v0.4
* ...
JSJaC v0.3.x
* Initial support for http binding (in polling mode though)
* Initial support for safari (thanks to Matthew Hershberger)
JSJaC v0.2
* send always does asychronous send now as http polling doesn't
support this.
In detail: When sending a packet where we expect a reply to it
http polling doesn't make sure that this reply is contained
within the http body reply to the query sent. So we have to
setup a callback that handles the reply once it has been
delivered to us.
* added a dedicated method syncedSend that sends in synchronous
First read above, then understand that you can't expect any
response to this call. It's there to make sure, sending is
finished before windows get closed
* added events 'onconnect', 'ondisconnect' and 'onerror'. see API
for details.
* removed method process() as polling is started at connect() now.