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JavaScript Jabber Client Library

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JSJaC - JavaScript Jabber Client Library

JSJaC is a jabber client library written in JavaScript to ease
implementation of web based jabber clients. For communication with a
jabber server it needs to support either [1]HTTP Polling or [2]HTTP
Binding. JSJaC has an object oriented interface which should be quite
easy to use. Communication is done by using the HTTPRequest
object also refered to as AJAX technology. Your browser must support 


JSJaC is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public 
License (LGPL). Please refer to the file named 'COPYING' that came with 
this distribution for details.

Hints on Usage

Service Address

Due to security restrictions you may have to forward or proxy requests
to your jabber server's service address.

Let's say your JSJaC based web application is located at Your Jabber server is at and
it's HTTP Binding service is located at

As most browser don't allow scripts to connect to a different domain
and/or port as they have been loaded from you'd have to find a way how
to access this service at some URI hosted at

If you're using apache you could use mod_proxy and mod_rewrite to do
this job for you:

<VirtualHost *>
  DocumentRoot /var/ww
  AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
  RewriteEngine On
  RewriteRule ^/http-bind/ [P]

With this you'd end up having access to the Jabber server's service at (the httpbase address).

for in Intrigue

JSJaC extends the prototypes of the built-in types. This may cause
problems with for loops. Please have a look at for a detailed
description of what's going on here and how to fix it.

Debug Logger

JSJaCConnection supports use of [3]JSDebugger which is available

JSJaC also ships with a class 'FirebugLogger' which lets you log to
Firebug's console.

For an example on how to use this library within your web application
please have to look at 'examples/simpleclient.html'.

Supported Browsers and Platforms

* Internet Explorer 5.5+
* Mozilla/Firefox 1.5+
* Netscape 7.0+
* Opera 9.0+

* Mozilla/Firefox 1.5+
* Opera 9.0+
* Netscape 7.0+
* Konqueror

* Mozilla/Firefox 1.5+
* Safari

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