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Accelerating new GitHub Actions workflows
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Starter Workflows

These are the workflow files for helping people get started with GitHub Actions. They're presented whenever you start to create a new GitHub Actions workflow.

If you want to get started with GitHub Actions, you can use these starter workflows by clicking the "Actions" tab in the repository where you want to create a workflow.

Directory structure:

  • ci: solutions for Continuous Integration
  • automation: solutions for automating workflows.
  • icons: svg icons for the relevant template

Each workflow must be written in YAML and have a .yml extension. They also need a corresponding .properties.json file that contains extra metadata about the workflow (this is displayed in the UI).

For example: ci/python-django.yml and ci/

Valid properties:

  • name: the name shown in onboarding
  • description: the description shown in onboarding
  • iconName: the icon name in the relevant folder, for example django should have an icon icons/django.svg. Only SVG is supported at this time
  • categories: the categories that it will be shown under
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