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A project on making a game like Quick Draw using Machine Learning with Convolutional Neural Network.
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Machine Learning: Doodle Recognition with Convolutional Neural Network

Step by step tutorial series on making a game like Quick, Draw!. It is an online game that challenges players to draw a doodle and then artificial intelligence guesses what the drawings represent.

To show the process of developing this game, here is the source code for the Doodle Predictor game made in HTML5 using Phaser 2 framework and TensorFlow.js library for machine learning. To recognize doodles, the game uses a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model trained on the small subset of the Quick Draw Dataset.

To get a quick insight into the project, watch the video trailer:

This project is divided into 8 parts. Each part includes a video and fully-commented source code so you can follow game development step by step.

Here is a game screenshot after completing the last part: Doodle Predictor Screenshot

Check out the full series and run the game starting with the part 1:

Visit us:

Running the Game

To play this game locally, you need to run it using a local web server as follows:

  1. install, configure and run a web server: for instance, let's suppose your server is XAMPP installed in C:\Xampp

  2. navigate to the server document root: C:\Xampp\htdocs

  3. create a new folder called 'doodle_predictor': C:\Xampp\htdocs\doodle_predictor

  4. download the project

  5. copy all project files directly in C:\Xampp\htdocs\doodle_predictor

  6. now you should have the following folder structure under C:\Xampp\htdocs\doodle_predictor:
    \assets (with game resources)
    \data (with datasets)
    \libs (with libraries)
    \part1 (with source files of the part 1)

  7. open a web browser and navigate to the http://localhost:<port>/doodle_predictor/part1
    to run the game of the part 1

Part 1: Introduction

In this part, we just create a new Phaser Game object and build the basic game structure.

Revision history:


  • created the Main Program with the main state
  • defined all substates of the main state
  • added the main loop where the entire game logic will be implemented


  • created a new User Interface class to allow users an interaction with the game
  • created 'Play More Games' button with the corresponding trigger function
  • created text object for showing messages in the status-bar


Part 2: Getting Data

Coming soon...

Part 3: Building the Model

Coming soon...

Part 4: Training the Model

Coming soon...

Part 5: Predicting Samples

Coming soon...

Part 6: Drawing Doodles

Coming soon...

Part 7: Recognizing Doodles

Coming soon...

Part 8: Adding More Doodle Categories

Coming soon...

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