Script to pack webapp into an exe file with Jar2Exe.
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Webapp Solution

A simple way to pack webapp into a single standalone exe file.

Quick Usage

  1. mvn package or download compiled result, you will get:

    • jetty9-starter.jar
    • tomcat7-starter.jar
    • tomcat8-starter
    • packer.jar
  2. Pre-compile your webapp and wrap into a .war file, for example web.war.

  3. Make sure Jar2Exe is installed and j2ewiz is reachable in PATH. Right now, Jar2Exe itself only runs on Windows.

  4. Run packer.jar with web.war and xxxx-starter.jar as arguments.

     java -jar packer.jar web.war tomcat8-starter.jar
  5. Other parameters after java -jar packer.jar will be passed to j2ewiz, for example:

     java -jar packer.jar web.war xxx-starter.jar /amd64 /platform linux