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ini_set("display_errors", "on");
require "class.php-prowl.php";
define("DEMO_EOL",isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']) ? "<br />" : "\n");
// Get a token on behalf of a user and then exchange it for an API key
try {
$prowl = new Prowl();
if (empty($_GET["token"])) {
$token = $prowl->request_token();
if (!empty($token["token"])) {
// First stage of auth, get a token and URL
echo "Request Token: ".$token["token"].DEMO_EOL;
echo "Request URL: ".$token["url"].DEMO_EOL;
echo "<h1>Get Authorisation for User</h1>".DEMO_EOL;
echo "<a href='".$token["url"]."'>".$token["url"]."</a>";
} elseif ($_GET["token"]) {
// Second stage of auth, they've returned back to us, so safely
// get an API key for this user
$api_key = $prowl->retrieve_apikey($_GET["token"]);
if ($api_key) {
$prowl = new Prowl();
$application = "Example Application";
$event = "My Custom Event";
$description = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum aliquam luctus dolor, placerat pharetra est tincidunt eget.";
$url = "";
$priority = -1;
$message = $prowl->add($application,$event,$priority,$description,$url);
echo var_dump($message).DEMO_EOL;
} Catch (Exception $message) {
echo "Failed: ".$message->getMessage().DEMO_EOL;
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