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Save time, do more!

As developers ourselves, we know how important it is to spend your timing crafting the code that you love into the perfect application for your users. Writing yet another CRUD application and then perfecting all of its little details can consume a huge amount of time, reducing grown developers to tears!

That's why Editor has been created. With Editor you can produce complex, fully editable tables, which take full advantage of the advanced features of DataTables in mere moments!

以上为官网对Editor做出的定义——节约时间做更多的事。那么我对于Editor的定义为——在 DataTables 的基础上开发出的表格解决方案,旨在提供更快速更优质的插件(毕竟是要收费的)

由于我个人没有使用过 Editor ,所以对他的功能以及特性都不清楚,在中文网上也查不到关于它的中文资料,所以在此我提供一个QQ群(490289088)供大家交流。把在使用的小伙伴聚集在一起,众人拾柴火焰高,希望大家能互相帮助。



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