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Strongly-Typed Javascript (STJS) Bridge to Backbone.js

The STJS bridge to Backbone.js gives you access to this great library using a Java syntax. All the functionalities of Backbone.js are available, but the code has to be written in a slightly different manner compared to the code you would've written directly in JavaScript.

This difference comes mainly from the way inheritance is implemented in Backbone.js (via _.extend of Underscore.js) compared to ST-JS. In Backbone.js the Views and Models properties are set BEFORE calling the constructor of the object - that afterwards calls the initialize method.

To obtain a similar behavior with ST-JS, when implementing Views you need to:

  • override the method _ensureElement and set there the "el" or "tagName" field and then call super._ensureElement
  • override the method delegateEvents and set the events map there and then call super.delegateEvents

For Models you always need to override the constructor public Model(Map attributes, ModelOptions options)

Please leave the constructors of Views and Models empty - use the initialize method instead.

One more matter where you need to be careful is the usage of "$" in Views. $ is a method of the View, so this.$ and $ is the same thing! So if you wish to access the global jQuery method, please call GlobalJQuery.$ (or other global object - @GlboalScope - that has this property set).

We're sorry for these limitations, we're working to find a transparent way for you the users. Your suggestions are welcome!