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React Bridge for st-js
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Strongly-Typed Javascript (STJS) Bridge to Facebook's react JS

The STJS bridge to Facebook's React JS gives you access to this great library using a Java syntax.

Supports ES6 React Classes

extends React.Component style

public class HelloMessageProps extends Props{
    public String name;

public class HelloMessage extends Component<HelloMessageProps, State> {

    public String displayName = "HelloMessage";

    public static Map<String, TypeChecker> propTypes = $map("name", PropTypes.string.isRequired);

    public ReactElement<?> render() {
        return React.createElement("div", null, "Hello ",;

React.render(React.createElement(HelloMessage, new HelloMessageProps() {{ name = "John"; }}), document.getElementById("reactContainer"));


  1. Add the maven dependency to your project.
  1. Enjoy, you're good to go.

Migrating from React 0.14 to React 16

  • ReactClass doesn't exist anymore, Please use extends React.Component. You can follow any guide that helps convert from React.createClass to ES6 Classes, for example :
  • React.PropTypes is now just PropTypes update your dependencies
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