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Sad Mac Screen Saver

Stefan Arentz, October 2017

Some notes on Notarizing

(Mostly for myself but maybe others find this useful too...)

First Archive a build. Then from the Organizer, hit Distribute Content and select the Built Products option. This will export the signed .saver file.

Then zip it up so that we can send it to the Notarization Service:

$ ditto -c -k --keepParent SadMac.saver

Then send it to the Notarization Service:

$ xcrun altool --notarize-app --primary-bundle-id "$" --username $APPSTORE_CONNECT_USERNAME --file
No errors uploading ''.
RequestUUID = ad7daf8e-fae4-475a-b117-dfd572e17a34

It will ask for a password, use the App Specific Password you generated for Notarization.

Get some coffee to allow the Notarization to run and then check the status with:

$ xcrun altool --notarization-info ad7daf8e-fae4-475a-b117-dfd572e17a34 -u $APPSTORE_CONNECT_USERNAME
No errors getting notarization info.
          Date: 2020-08-25 12:14:19 +0000
          Hash: df90782d2450e6c4f776f4f11c9a49b3036846cd18b632953c119aad12e80af7
   RequestUUID: ad7daf8e-fae4-475a-b117-dfd572e17a34
        Status: in progress
   Status Code: 0
Status Message: Package Approved

When the package is approved, staple the token on the original .saver file:

$ xcrun stapler staple SadMac.saver
Processing: /Users/stefan/Desktop/SadMac-1.3/Products/Users/stefan/Library/Screen Savers/SadMac.saver
Processing: /Users/stefan/Desktop/SadMac-1.3/Products/Users/stefan/Library/Screen Savers/SadMac.saver
The staple and validate action worked!

This file can now be zipped and uploaded to the GitHub releases.

(Too many manual steps, so next time we'll make sure this is as simple as SadMac.saver)