Cocoa client for web services exposed with the Polar Rose Web Service Foundation
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This is a Cocoa client for services exposed through the Web Service
Foundation framework. See

This README will be updated when the project is more stable.


This code requires the Cocoa JSON framework from:


The following example makes a call to the SayHello action from the
wsf-examples project.

- (void) demo
   NSURL* endointUrl =  [NSURL URLWithString: @"http://localhost:8080/public/api"];

   WSFRequest* request = [WSFRequest requestWithEndpointURL: endpointURL
     version: @"2008-06-27" action: @"SayHello"
     parameters: [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject: @"Stefan" forKey: @"Name"]];

   [[WSFClient clientWithRequest: request delegate: self] retain];

- (void) client: (WSFClient*) client didFailWithError: (NSError*) error
   NSLog(@"Client %@ failed with error %@", client, error);

- (void) client: (WSFClient*) client didReceiveResponse: (WSFResponse*) response
   NSLog(@"Client %@ received response %@", client, [response data]);

- (void) client: (WSFClient*) client didReceiveErrorResponse: (WSFErrorResponse*) errorResponse;
   NSLog(@"Client %@ did receive error response %@", client, errorResponse);