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[![Build Status](](
-This app provides an HTML5 dashboard that displays the arrival times of TTC Streetcars near the Mozilla Toronto Office.
+Finding your way home with Clojure
+Learning a new technology is much more fun when you actually have a
+mission. So I decided to make a little web app that can show the
+departure times of [streetcars in Toronto](
+This is possible because the City of Toronto has made the [NextBus API](
+available as part of its [Open Data]( initiative, which provides info
+about routes, stop locations and arrival time predictions.
+More info at
+Running the App
To run this app in development mode you will need to have [Leiningen 2.0]( installed. Then you can just do:
@@ -10,3 +24,13 @@ $ lein ring server-headless
The dashboard will run on [http://localhost:3000/index.html](http://localhost:3000/index.html)
+You can also create a `war` file and then drop it in a servlet container like Tomcat or even JBoss.
+$ cd departures-board
+$ lein ring uberwar
+$ cp target/departures-board-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.war $DEPLOYMENT_DIR/
+The app has just one file system dependency: it needs to be able to create a `~/.departures-board` directory where it will store route information.

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