JPAKE Test Client
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Little J-PAKE Test client that can be used for monitoring:

% ./ https://localhost
X Server   : https://localhost
X Password : tyddexox
X receiver.createChannel
X Channel : zzaa
X receiver.putMessageOne
X sender.getMessageOne
X sender.putMessageOne
X receiver.getMessageOne
X receiver.putMessageTwo
X sender.getMessageTwo
X sender.putMessageTwo
X receiver.getMessageTwo
X receiver.putMessageThree
X sender.getMessageThree
X sender.putMessageThree
X receiver.getMessageThree
X Key receiver = 002bb3b9c0020ad6a4d38f00229629509ab2eb63725eb2a56812b82359a7ee84
X Key sender   = 002bb3b9c0020ad6a4d38f00229629509ab2eb63725eb2a56812b82359a7ee84