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Apache 2.0 module to generate directory indexes in media rss format
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NOTE: This is work in progress. This may or may not work for you. I
have also not figured out all security aspects of this module. So use
at your own risk.

*What is This?*

This Apache 2.0 module implements directory indexes in the Media RSS
format. The format is an extension of regular RSS 2.0 and is
documented at <>.

Output of MediaRSS is specially useful in cases where you want to make
a directory of files available as a podcast where for example iTunes
or a media player device can subscribe to it.

The nice thing of having this functionality as part of Apache is that
you don't have to write any code to generate the feeds. Simply moving
files in a directory is enough.

*Compiling & Installing the Module*

apxs -c mod_mediarss.c
apxs -i

*Apache Configuration*

All you have to do is load the module:

  LoadModule mediarss_module modules/

And then do a request on a directory with the format=rss or
format=mediarss query string. The directory must have directory
indexing enabled.

For example: http://server/movies?format=mediarss


Fill in the media meta data (duration, video codecs, video size, etc.).

It would be nice to let the module parse a DESCRIPTION file, which can
then be put in the channel's description field.
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