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Unix-style, Variously Hashed Passwords

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README for Crypt::Password

This is just a wrapper for perl's crypt(), which can do everything you would
probably want to do to store a password, but this is supposed to provide the
various uses easier.

The application is designed to be installed like a CPAN module; so use
the usual:

  perl Makefile.PL
  sudo make install

The CPAN module dependencies will be highlighted during the first
command. If you do not have 'sudo' installed, you can use:

  su root -c make install

License and credits
This software development is sponsored and directed by New Zealand
Registry Services,

The work is being carried out by Catalyst IT,

Copyright (c) 2009, NZ Registry Services.  All Rights Reserved.  This
software may be used under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.
Note that this license is compatible with both the GNU GPL and
Artistic licenses.  A copy of this license is supplied with the
distribution in the file COPYING.txt.
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