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Geo::Coordinates::Converter - simple converter of geo coordinates


use strict;
use warnings;

use Geo::Coordinates::Converter;

my $geo = Geo::Coordinates::Converter->new( lat => '35.65580', lng => '139.65580', datum => 'wgs84' );
my $point = $geo->convert( dms => 'tokyo' );
print $point->lat;
print $point->lng;
print $point->datum;
print $point->format;

my $clone = $point->clone;
my $geo2 = Geo::Coordinates::Converter->new( point => $clone );
my $point2 = $geo->convert( degree => 'wgs84' );
print $point2->lat;
print $point2->lng;
print $point2->datum;
print $point2->format;


the format and datum of geo coordinates are simply converted. when it is insufficient in the coordinate system and the format of the standard, it is possible to add it easily.


  • new

    my $geo = Geo::Coordinates::Converter->new( lat => '35.65580', lng => '139.65580', datum => 'wgs84' ); my $geo = Geo::Coordinates::Converter->new( point => $point );


  • lat

set to latitude

  • lng

set to longitude

  • point

set to Geo::Coordinates::Converter::Point object.

when this is set, neither 'lat' and 'lng' and 'datum' and 'format' options are necessary having.

  • datum

set to datum

  • format

set to format. it is detected automatically.

  • converter

set to converter object. Geo::Coordinates::Converter::Datum can be used by default, and other conversion classes also use it.

  • formats

the object of the format is set by the ARRAY reference when using it excluding the formatter of default.

  • internal_format

the specification format is set internally. default is degree. when it dose not like on internal format when datum is customized, it use it.


  • convert

the geometric transformation is done. after it converts it, Geo::Coordinates::Converter::Point object it returned.

# Examples:
my $point = $geo->convert( grs80 => 'degree' );
my $point = $geo->convert( tokyo => 'dms' );
my $point = $geo->convert( dms => 'wgs84' );
my $point = $geo->convert('wgs84');
my $point = $geo->convert('degree');


Kazuhiro Osawa


Geo::Coordinates::Converter::Point, Geo::Coordinates::Converter::Format, Geo::Coordinates::Converter::Datum


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.