Scripts to detect Fast-Flux and DGA using DNS query responses
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DNS Analysis Scripts

A collection of scripts used to detect Fast-Flux domains and DGA domains.

Based on research conducted for MSc thesis, related research papers are available from the following locations:

Basic Usage

To analyse a single domain:

python -d

To analyse multple domains:

cat domains.txt | xargs -I {} python -d {}

The URLAnalyse and Geolocate scripts can also be used in isolation, please see the documentation for each of these for usage info.

Dependencies These can all be installed with a simple easy_install

  • pygeoip
  • mgrs
  • dnspython
  • pytz

Note about MaxMind Databases: For Geographic analysis you require the MaxMind databases. These are not included here, please get these from MaxMind.

  • GeoIPCity.dat
  • GeoIPASNum.dat
  • GeoLiteCity.dat