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A mini webserver with FTP support for XXE payloads
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Basic FTP server to receive payloads from instances of XXE. This will record all data received and respond in a manner which ensures the client keeps sending data. This will keep listening until you shut it down, allowing for multiple XXE file retreivals via FTP. Java connections shouldn't hang connecting to this either.

Has a unique "uno port" option, where everything is served from one port. This means you can serve HTTP/HTTPS/FTP over a single port. When a connection is received, the server will work out which protocol was requested, and handle it accordingly. This is not flawless, but works in most cases.

For more info, see the blog-post:


Built for Linux, so use

./xxeftp -p 2121

There are multiple modes. The server can host both FTP and HTTP, thus making it capable of serving the DTD and receiving the FTP payload.

To start the web-server (off by default) use -w

./xxeftp -w

To change the web-port, use -wp.

To Change the FTP port, use -p.

The DTD is served out of the CWD by default. To change, use -wd.

To save the data received via FTP to file, use -o filename. The file will be created if it doesn't exist.

To build:

go build
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