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# YAML configuration file to set crystal plasticity finite element modelling
# Authors : D. Mercier and C. Zambaldi
# Give only absolute paths and put a space after the comma in a list (e.g. [x, y, z]) !!!
# Don't modify fieldnames !
# the CPFEM code that you want to use, e.g. GENMAT or DAMASK
#simulation_code: GENMAT
simulation_code: DAMASK
# list of FEM solvers
- Mentat_2014-2017
- Mentat_2013.1
- Mentat_2013
- Mentat_2012
- Mentat_2010
- Mentat_2008
- Abaqus_2014
- Abaqus_2012
# the FEM solvers that you want to use, e.g. Mentat2012 or Mentat2013
fem_solver_used: Mentat_2013.1
# list of Python executables (e.g.: 'C:\Python27\python.exe')
- python
# where you want the Mentat or Abaqus procedure file written
#proc_file_path: /Users/<username>/Documents/mwn2/matlab #for MAC
proc_file_path: \\mufs4\home\<username> # for PC
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