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QuaZip is the C++ wrapper for Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP package (AKA Minizip) using Qt library.

If you need to write files to a ZIP archive or read files from one using QIODevice API, QuaZip is exactly the kind of tool you need.

See the documentation for details.

Want to report a bug or ask for a feature? Open an issue.

Want to fix a bug or implement a new feature? See

You're a package maintainer and want to update to QuaZip 1.0? Read the migration guide.

Copyright notice:

Copyright (C) 2005-2020 Sergey A. Tachenov and contributors

Distributed under LGPL, full details in the COPYING file.

Original ZIP package is copyrighted by Gilles Vollant, see quazip/(un)zip.h files for details, but basically it's the zlib license.


This project is looking for additional maintainers and code reviewers. While the library is mostly feature complete, there are a couple of big ticket issues that need work. Code review is welcome for all pull requests. If you are well versed in Qt and C/C++ please start helping around and check #185.



You need at least the following dependencies:

  • zlib
  • Qt6, Qt5 or Qt4 (searched in that order)


sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev
cmake -B build
cmake --build build


If you don't use a package manager you will have to add library and include directories to your PATH or specify them with CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH. Qt is not installed as a dependency of either vcpkg or conan.


Using vcpkg

cmake --preset vcpkg
cmake --build build --config Release

Using conan v2

conan install . -of build -s build_type=Release -o *:shared=False --build=missing
cmake --preset conan
cmake --build build --config Release


Only Qt5 is tested on x86.

Using vcpkg

cmake --preset vcpkg_x86
cmake --build build --config Release

Using conan v2

conan install . -of build -s build_type=Release -s:h arch=x86 -o *:shared=False --build=missing
cmake --preset conan_x86
cmake --build build --config Release

Additional build options

If you built Qt from source and installed it, you might need to tell CMake where to find it, for example: -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="/usr/local/Qt-6.6.2".
Alternatively, if you did not install the source build it might look something like: -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="/home/you/qt-everywhere-src-6.6.2/qtbase/lib/cmake".
Replace qtbase if you used a custom prefix at configure step.

Qt installed through Linux distribution packages or official Qt online installer should be detected automatically.

CMake is used to configure and build the project. A typical configure, build, install and clean is shown below.

cmake --build build --config Release
sudo cmake --install build
cd build
ctest --verbose -C Release
cmake --build . --target clean

CMake options

Option Description Default
QUAZIP_QT_MAJOR_VERSION Specifies which major Qt version should be searched for (6, 5 or 4). By default it tries to find the most recent.
BUILD_SHARED_LIBS Build QuaZip as a shared library ON
QUAZIP_INSTALL Enable installation ON
QUAZIP_USE_QT_ZLIB Use Qt's bundled zlib instead of system zlib (not recommended). Qt must be built with -qt-zlib and -static. Incompatible with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON. OFF
QUAZIP_BZIP2 Enable BZIP2 compression ON
QUAZIP_BZIP2_STDIO Output BZIP2 errors to stdio when BZIP2 compression is enabled ON