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Bloc Jams is an AngularJS-driven music player app
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Bloc Jams Music Player

Bloc Jams Album View

What is it?

Bloc Jams is a streaming music player with media queries to determine the viewer's display dimensions and a responsive, grid-based user interface to provide an optimized look for various viewing device display sizes.

Home Page:

  • The home page features text shadowing and CSS transition animations for a (literally) moving user experience.
  • Graphics from the Ionicons font library are also used here for the musical notes, radio wave, and mobile device images.

Collection Page:

  • Accessed via the link in the upper right corner of the home page, the collection presents a set of albums.
  • Each album reference includes artist, album title, song count, and album art. Selecting an album loads the album page.
  • (At this time all entries are duplicates of a single album.)

Album Page:

  • The Album Page includes album data from the Collection page, plus a track list with track number, title, and duration.
  • A player control with play/pause, track back, track forward, and sliders for controlling the position of the currently playing track and the volume level appears at the bottom in a semi-transparent overlay.
  • Hovering over a track number causes a play icon to appear in the track number's place and a pause button appears in the same position for the currently playing track.
  • The Buzz audio library is used to load, play, and present representations of meta data for audio files.

What I Learned


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • NodeJS
  • Buzz Audio Library (

Other resources:

  • Google Fonts 'Open Sans'
  • Icons from Ionic (


  • Bootstrap Angular to an application and create an Angular module.
  • Configure routing and states for an application.
  • Implement controllers for an application's views.
  • Create a service that controls song playback.
  • Write a custom directive that controls song and volume sliders.
  • Create a custom timecode filter.
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