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Welcome to the sot-motion-planner wiki!

Quick and dirty notes

Load the movement

 rosparam set /halfsteps_pattern_generator/walk_movement -t ~/Downloads/walk\ \(4\).yaml

Initialize dg

(sot.xml / servo on / load stabilizer-enabled script) on hrp2014v.laas.fr:

 motion-plan-remote walk-ros.yaml  # without error feedback
 motion-plan-remote walk-ros-ctrl.yaml  # with error feedback
 # output shoud be copied and paste into dg-remote -s openhrp

Is it still required (??) (default LLEG_LINK5, loaded by hrp-2 launch file):

 rosparam set /tf_world_broadcaster/reference_body_world_frame_id RLEG_LINK5

For the mocap

On localhost:

  rosHrp2 && rosrun evart_bridge tf_world_broadcaster 

On hrp2014v.laas.fr:

  ./error-estimation.py _base_link_map_frame_id:=/mocap_world/left_foot/origin _base_link_plan_frame_id:=/plan_left_ankle _map_frame_id:=/world _plan_frame_id:=/world _offset:=-1.
  rostopic echo /error # check that it is around zero, don't forget z is rz.
  rosbag record /error /plan_left_ankle /slam_node/camera_position

For the slam

  roslaunch vslam_stereo_visibility_bridge robot.launch

For visp

See visp tutorial, don't forget to increase the camera framerate using dynamic_reconfiguire / reconfigure_gui.

Record slam

See vslam_stereo_visibility wiki