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A list of themes and starters for JAMstack sites.
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Jamstack Themes

A list of Themes and Starters for JAMstack Sites.

Submit A Theme

Anyone can submit a theme to the gallery.

  • Fork this repo and create a new markdown .md file in content/theme folder.
  • The markdown filename is typically named after your theme or repo, for example
  • Submit a pull-request with the title Theme Submission: theme-name

The markdown file should contain the following front-matter.

title: "My Theme Name"
author: Unknown Author
date: 2019-08-20 # This is the date you submitted the theme YYYY-MM-DD
github_branch: master # This is the repos default branch
  - Gridsome
  - NetlifyCMS

Github stars and last commit date are generated at build time. Images will be generated at build time. A screenshort of the demo URL will be taken and resized automatically.

Contribution Guidelines

Any open source themes with a public github repo can be submitted.

If you are adding a SSG or CMS which doesnt exist already you will need to add it as part of your pull-request. New taxonomy terms can be added by creating a markdown file under content/ssg/ or content/cms. Take a look at the existing files to see what front-matter is required. You will also need to upload an icon into static/images/icons, preferably the icon is in SVG format under 3KB. If it's a PNG please make sure the size is 60x60px and the size is as small as possible (you should be able to keep it under 5KB)

Develop Locally

This site is built on Hugo

Development Server

hugo serve

Build Site


Generate Github stars and other metadata

npm install
npm run build

Generating github data requires a Github Token. You can generate this token in your Github account at settings > developer settings > personal access tokens

Generate Github Data

npm run generate-github

Capture Screenshots

Will take screenshots of each theme, based on the demo link and store the files in static/capture

npm run capture-screenshots

Generate Thumbnails

Will generate thumbnails for each theme. Uses Hires screenshots from static/capture and stores files in static/images/theme/thumbnails.

npm run generate-thumbnails
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