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Propel Build Status

Propel is a command that helps you to push to remote repositories while following best practices for continuous integration. We believe that before you push to a shared git repository, you should check that both the local and the Continuous Integration (CI) server are green. You should also pull with rebase to avoid pointless merge commits, and Propel uses this behavior as a default.


Propel currently works with Jenkins, Team City and CI Joe.


Propel can be used from the command line. Install the gem:

gem install propel

To use propel, simply run 'propel' from the command line. Without a remote build server configured, it will just do a pull --rebase && rake && git push. You can see all available options with propel --help.

You generally want to use propel in conjunction with a CI server. Just point propel to your CI server by passing the option --status-url Propel will figure out if your build is passing as of the latest commit for Jenkins, Team City and CI Joe.

Once you figure out the options that work for you, just put a .propel file in the root of your project. Command line parameters override the options found in the configuration file. Your configuration file should have one parameter on each line. For example:


This will set the status url for the project, and default to waiting for the CI build to pass if it is currently failing.


Thanks to Jose Carrion ( for pair programming with me for several hours during the development of Propel.