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Stackchat Conversation AI Resources
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Stackchat Conversation AI Platform

Stackchat Conversation AI Resources

What is the Stackchat Conversation AI Platform?

Stackchat's flexible conversational AI platform gives you the tools to build amazing contextual chat experiences.

  • Design: Visually design and quickly iterate your conversation flows with our easy-to-use Conversation Builder.
  • Customise: Capture user input, store variables across sessions and add logic either with or without writing code - your choice.
  • Train AI: Understand what your customers are truly saying by training NLP deep learning AI models.
  • Publish: Stackchat connects your business to any messaging channel, unifying each customer chat into an omnichannel conversation with a single view of your customer.

Getting Started

Stackchat offers trial accounts, sign up and deploy your first bot just a few simple clicks.

Start building bots today!

Documentation and Resources

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